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Whirl wind of emotions 😳

What a week!! I've know I'm starting to get anxious as I'm struggle to get to sleep but then today I burst out crying. I think it was build up of seeing some spotting (secretly hoping I would fall naturally so no IVF), paying the invoice for the IVF (was waiting to see) and then the pack came through and there's my first prescription for metformin.

I've been hyper and excited up until now....Jezzo this is me with hardly any hormones too 😉😉

I suppose it's natural to feel anxious.

Just wanted to get it out......and breath 😘

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I think you have the right to be anxious and emotional for a while :) we all go through it so don't worry. This evening I cried about a bowl of custard! (Don't ask lol) it's a bit scary thing that's happening and you're perfectly normal I reckon for having a few tears. At least paying the invoice means you'll start soon?


Well I think my period will arrive in the next 2-3 days then I will start 21 days later.

You just made me giggle out load (husband jumped out of his skin as he's asleep 😂). Custard love it xx


I was all over the place before I started treatment, up and down every day worrying but as soon as we started I was so calm. I surprised everyone I think! It's just you wait so long to start so once you're actually on the road there's a sense of relief I think?

Until the 2ww that is. Then all bets are off and you're as mad as a box of frogs!! 😂 x x x


I was exactly the same, kept believing until I started I would fall pregnant naturally. It's a total mix of emotions, for me it was denial, anger, fear and excitement all rolled up!

I'm so excited for you 💕💕

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I felt better once the treatment actually started. The waiting was hard for me. I felt very anxious on round 1 as you really don't know what to expect.

I found paying the invoices was another reminder that you can't get pregnant naturally. Handing over the credit card felt very surreal. At least I earned lots of points on my card!

Good luck, fingers crossed for a BFP.


Lol! Yes we earned loads of Airmiles on our card and just booked long haul flights business class with them. That's what 2 rounds of privately funded IVF gets you, hehe!


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