CD32 15DPO am i out ?

CD32 15DPO am i out ?

Hi all.

Perhaps you ladies could take a look at this and give me your opinion.

Am i out this month?

150mg Clomid days 5-9 . 9th cycle

Definatley ovulated on CD16/17, confirmed by 21 day progesterone at 120 which is excellent apparently. Bd`nced every day through fertile days. As you can see i have a faint 2nd line on my OPK`s all month long but a slight rise on CD 29?? Various HCG test done with FMU but all BFN. No real symptoms apart from cramping on/off for about week and worse yesterday so i thought AF was on her way. CM slight pinky last night but totally nothing on tampon this morning. Cycles are pretty irregular in length but average at 33days.

Any views?

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  • Hi webchick - sorry to ask but I'm unsure (because I'm a a dumbdumb) but are the pink tests pregnancy tests or ovulation tests? It sounds like you're on a different protocol to me but I've found those skinny cheap tests to be unreliable, if you believe you could be BFP I would invest in a First Response as I think it gives you an accurate answer. I hope you get your answer soon. Lots of luck x x x

  • Hi.

    Congratulations on your great news, i hope it all goes well. xxx

    The Pinks are opk`s and the Blue/Green ones are hcg. I think im out again this month i should have got a positive by now.

  • Hi webchick. Not looking good for this month, so off you go again. The progesterone result you had for Day21 was excellent, so the Clomid seems to be doing the trick. I do hope that next month will be a good one. Thinking of you. Diane

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