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Morning ladies,

I'm sure if you have noticed over the last wee while I have been neurotically posting about my situation. Well today is no different. I feel the only way I would be able to calm down is to move in my own personal midwife and my own scanner! But given that that is not going to happen I am relying upon you guys to help.

I had posted on Saturday that I had started bleeding and cramping 1 hour after getting a scan at 6+5 and seeing a very much longed for heartbeat. EPU the next day confirmed heartbeat and suggested that there was no clear reason for bleeding but maybe the second embryo not implanting properly and causing a small sac which may come out. My clinic then suggested that this may cause the healthy sack to go too 😩.

Anyway yesterday was the first day that I was bleeding free but since Saturday I have continued to cramp in different places at different times almost constantly. Everything from left or right ovary pain to constant discomfort around the entrance to my vagina and feeling like the a blockage in my clitoris area (sorryπŸ™ˆ). Last night I was woken up during the night with back pain and cramping, and have felt the period pain pressure a bit more today. What's going on?!! I am 7+2 today with a previous miscarriage at 7+1!

Any advice would be really appreciated.

Thank you

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  • Hi Imd123. The cramps etc you are experiencing could just be down to your womb starting to move upwards. You have 2 very strong "broad" ligaments on each side of your womb, which start to stretch at around 6/40wks of pregnancy. This discomfort can sometimes last up until 12/40wks and is quite normal. Regarding the small sac, this may even just get taken up into the placenta as it forms and may not come away. I think that if there was any potential threat, it would have been picked up on the scan. Keeping everything crossed for you. Diane

  • Thank you Diane. Don't suppose you fancy a 9 month holiday in Scotland by chance?! 😁 Really appreciate your advice. I have another scan on either Friday, Monday or Wednesday, so will hopefully get a positive outcome from that. Thanks again.

  • Hi lmd123. That's good that you are having a repeat scan, so let's hope it's more positive and you can rest a little. Good luck with it! Diane

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