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Is what am feeling normal?

Hi all hope you are well as can be.

For those who have followed my story i got my 1st ever BFP 2 weeks ago. The only symptoms i had was very sore boobs and tiredness.

This Sunday the boobs stopped hurting infact other than feeling slightly full they are back to normal. I have no symptoms and dont actually feel any different to say am supposed to be 6 weeks pregnant. Ive done a few tests and they all have said pregnant but nothing seems to pacify me and am doubting that its even worked.

Ive had no pain no bleeding, nothing to make me fear the worst but i cant help but worry.

It definitely doesnt get any better after the 2ww. They should rename it 4ww.

Feel like am going nuts xx

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Try not to worry as it can be normal for symptoms to come and go during pregnancy. You may find it's a different story tomorrow or next week when your boobs ache again or you feel exhausted. I know of girls who went through pregnancy with very little symptoms so you may be among that category of fortunate women! Remember 6 weeks is very early on and alot of symptoms could kick in a few weeks time. Xo

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I didn't have any symptoms at the start except for a bit of tiredness. You're early on yet so the level of hormones is not that high. Just relax and enjoy feeling normal!

I've had a pretty smooth run. Think the nausea kicked in at about 7 weeks. You might not experience any of that though - everyone is different

Good luck!


Hey I'm also 5 weeks and doubting whether I'm actually pregnant even though multiple tests say I am! I don't feel any symptoms at all. I think maybe it's too early most people wouldn't even know they were pregnant yet if it was a natural pregnancy so just think of it like that 😀 Hope everything goes well xx


I could have written this post! Word 4 word... 6 weeks today and all symptoms have gone! To be honest, I don’t feel pregnant at all. Sounds strange I know. My scan is in weeks time. We shall see...


Absolutely relate to this and I’ve been driving myself mad! I’ll be 5 wks tomorrow and due to test again on Friday! I’ve not really felt anything and am doubting that I am pregnant! Can’t wait to see the positive result again and then I’ll be counting down to my 7 wk scan!! Hope you’re ok! You’re not alone xx


Hi, it's crazy isn't it. You think the 2ww is bad and then it starts all over again after BFP! I've been feeling very anxious too so I relate. I think until I see a scan it doesn't feel real. I don't know when my scan will be though as I haven't got a date yet. I'm 6 weeks and 3 days. Ģood to know I'm not alone. I want to be excited it's just hard sometimes.


Ps. It's 2 weeks since my bfp too 😊


Ive got my scan on the 19th. Such a long wait.

Nobody prepares you for how anxious you will feel. But am glad ive got this group as i dont feel alone in my worry xx

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Hi! I feel exactly the same! It’s three weeks Saturday since my BFP! Some days I am positive and other days I feel worried! I’ve been feeling sickly but not felt that today and feel like I have abit of backache so worrying about that now! X


I felt exactly the same. No symptoms other than sore boobs, which I was putting down to the progesterone. Did lots of tests and they all showed positive. Had my first scan yesterday and saw baby's heart beating away nicely. Clinic very happy and discharged me into normal ante natal care now. I told the sonographer I wasn't having any symptoms and didn't "feel" pregnant at all. She said I was lucky and I would start to feel things soon. I'm 8 weeks now!

So don't worry. All the very best with your journey.



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