No heartbeat @10+1 (Doppler)

Been to see this midwife this afternoon who offered to listen in as my Scan isn't till I'm 13+6 and couldn't hear anything. Only placental whooshes!? I'm on the heavy side and have been quite upset since I get home and wish I had never agreed 😞 Haven't told dh as I don't want him to worry. Has this happened to anyone and had a positive outcome? 😐

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  • Hi miss winky34 id try not to let it get to you... Im not sure why it was offered to be honest as ive always known its not advised before 14 weeks although it sometimes can be heard earlier... Your placenta my be located at the front of your tummy like mine is instead of in the back which means it could take a little while longer to find the heartbeat with a doppler aswel, i have a doppler at home and some times takes me a while to find babys heart beat, i always get my pulse or placenta first, all the best with ur scan... I never got mine until 15w5d was torture and the main reason i got my doppler x

  • Hi I know what you mean, I wAs happy to accept as I just wanted a tiny validation everything was OK 😐

    It's had just the opposite on me now! ☹️

    Thank you anyway xxxx

  • Hi my friends midwife did this to her with the same outcome of no heartbeat heard! (Her baby is now nearly 7). She went to a&e and said she had some bleeding & they did a scan. The epu also told me to do the same if I ever needed to as given everything we've been through we shouldn't wait.

    I would honestly either go to a&e first thing in the morning or called the epu first thing. Make sure you say you've had spotting though (some white lies are necessary) xx

  • Please don't be worried. I have a friend who is a midwife and she never listens in at 10 weeks as so hard to get heartbeat at that stage even if you were skinny. Definitely doesn't mean anything. Were the placental noises quite fast? If you can hear the placenta, there will be a heartbeat attached. X

  • Hi, this happened to me recently at 17 weeks. Midwife warned that she probably wouldn't be able to hear it but a friend of mine went the next day and her baby's heartbeat was heard immediately and she was 15 weeks. Midwife said to me that as we heard the placenta and cord so strongly that she's happy and that is the same as the baby's heartbeat etc. initially I was worried but then thought I need to listen to the midwife. I hope you get some validation soon, it might be worthwhile looking on other forums too or speaking to another professional x

  • Thanks girls. The more I've read about it the more hacked off I'm getting for her even suggesting it. As they don't do anything even if it's not found 😑 Evidentley.. The placental noises didn't particularly sound fast just the best way I can describe as whooshy. Pulsating almost Lol sorry. Then she kept saying she could hear something faster but a second later it's gone. And when I've looked at my notes she's not written a thing about trying to listen in and hearing anything either wayπŸ˜• I think it's all just caused worrying that will only be eased now by turning up at an epu and fibbing which I don't really want to do πŸ˜”

  • Ive done the telling fibs at the epu...sat waiting for 3 hrs handed in a urine sample afters and was diagnosed with a slight urine infection and prescribed anti bioticsπŸ™ˆ no scan and no heart beat listened to lol i had to laugh at myself on the way home! Im not the best liarπŸ˜‚ had to share that as ive not told anyone before, was a bit embarrasing x

  • Exactly!! That's what I'm like lol

    I have had a mc before and it's horrible. Don't even think I would be comfortable saying I was bleeding when I know what it feels like to be in that position genuinely. 😐 I don't see anyone now for 3.5 weeks when it's my scan. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™So I'm just gonna have to wait it out. (Maybe poas a few times on the sly.. 😏)

  • I think that was my down fall i just couldnt find it in me to say i had bleeding when i hadnt, all i wanted was a scan and got given meds which i decided not to take lol but seriously i hope all is well with baby x

  • It sounds like she has maybe given you something there anyway if she's confirmed she heard something quicker in the background then that'll be why she isn't worried. I read that there wouldn't be the whoosh of placenta if it wasn't needing to feed anything so I hope to find some comfort in that. Plus she said to me that as long as I don't have pain or bleeding that's an even better sign.

    My midwife rushed me in for a 7 week scan to check baby was in the right place as I have endometriomas and endometriosis. As I was leaving the nurse said I can go back if I'm bleeding but not because of pain now. I didn't have pain in the first place but then I realised the midwife had lied to get me in that day! Ha. The nurse said come back if you bleed. The wait til 12 / 13 weeks was horrific but I just kept telling myself that some people never even get to that first scan, or get that bfp. Some people will never know these types of anxieties and that's what calmed me a little. I felt very lucky to have a different worry for a change.

    I really hope you get some comfort soon, these times as very worrying and the anxiety doesn't go. I've now decided against buying a Doppler as I don't think that'd be helpful for me! The epu will support you if you're worried but as you've been discussing it's take a good lie and I always worry if I cry wolf then it'll really happen! Or they'd be able to tell then tell my midwife on me hahaha.

    Good luck x

  • Thank you. I hadn't ever heard of that before that the placenta whooshes as it's still needed essentially, I hope that's the case! And your right, some people don't get to this stage. Thank you, I will wait it out and hope for the best 😊 Xxxx

  • I had everything crossed for you 😊 X

  • Thanks that's very sweet 😊 Xxx

  • It's bad if she couldn't hear it, knew you would worry and not doing anything as a follow up. If you've had a miscarriage previously then they should be looking after you!! Don't wait for 3 weeks....I would suggest either going to your GP or epu and just say your midwife couldn't hear the heartbeat and see what they will do X

  • I spoke to my own midwife today rather than the locum. About something unrelated but I was still worried so brought it up. She was very cross that a Doppler was suggested at this stage she said she doesn't use them before 16 weeks and never before a dating scan because there's no follow up if it's not found. She wasn't concerned at all there was no heartbeat and said chances are its nicely nestled in behind my pubic bone. Then the usual waffle about no bleeding and no pain no reason to go to Epu. I told her the other midwife hadn't written in my notes about listening in and she said that she would have probably got a real ticking off if anyone at gyno or hospital ante natal has seen shed tried at this stage. She's given me the option of complaining. I may do that. If it stops it happening to other women under her care. πŸ€” So back to worrying and wishing away the time for scan πŸ™

  • That's reassuring then and sounds like the other one didn't have a clue (scary in itself) keep believing ❀️

  • Just an update on this, met my baby today for the first time Legs and arms flying all over the place! Very relieved xxx

  • Awww very happy for you x

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