17 Day 2ww???

Hi all - hope everyone is well?

Just a quick question - how long was everyone's 2ww?? I am now 10dp2dt and my 2ww is 17 days long (very long). I've read that some women have 10, 12, 14 or 16 days depending on when the transfer was done. Mine is 17. I think it may be because the clinic is closed on day 16 which would be the Sunday. Unless I'm completely wrong (not for the first time) and 17 days is as standard.

Basically I'm not feeling very hopeful at the minute. I don't feel positive, I don't feel strong anymore and I want to know when this whole thing will be over. Back at work today and not coping all that well (can you tell?! haha).

Thanks for listening to me rant (again) x o x o

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  • Hey Mommabear, maybe it's because you had a 2dt. My otd was 13dp5dt, so similar to your wait since ec (18days). However, I did test at 9dp5dt as this would have been when I was 4 weeks pregnant and can be picked up by a hpt. For you, this would be 12dp2dt. I'm not advising you either way about testing early, it's personal choice but I needed to know because I had to start meds as soon as getting my bfp. If you do test early, don't get in the habit of doing it every day, I think you'll only do your head in! And remember to use first urine of the day if testing early.

  • Thanks Tlove - it's such a long time isn't it? I have already tested and now I'm mad at myself because I'm so disappointed. I wake up at 4am every morning because it's on my mind. I don't sleep until after midnight. The whole thing is so stressful. They should offer you a temporary lobotomy for the duration of your wait because we just torture ourselves don't we?! Let's just hope that it's all worth the wait and my two little embies are just taking a little longer to get snuggled in. PUPO, PUPO, PUPO... hope you and the twins are well... not long now! x

  • If you are pregnant, you can say good bye to a full night's sleep anyway so maybe your body is preparing for that! Try a night time tea or something to help sleep.

    Give it a couple of days before you test again and try to stay occupied to keep your mind off it. Not long to go now anyway!

  • 19 days :) nightmare.

    You will get through this though, promise 😍😘😍

  • Thank you :) I know. Well, when I talk about it to other people I know. When I'm left to my own devices I'm convinced that time randomly stops and occasionally goes backwards! Are you looking forward to your Italian break? I hope you have a lovely time! x

  • He he I know. I made a list of if it's a yes and if it's a no to be irritated and not test earlierπŸ˜‚

    Can't wait for Italy

  • Mine was 11 days with a 5 day transfer, though like Tlove I tested at 9dp5dt as that's when HCG levels are high enough to be picked up by hpt. Testing early did my head in though as I became a serial tester to make sure my BFP didn't disappear! The 2ww is so hard but try your best to stay positive. Wishing you loads of luck xxx

  • Thanks Murph - I feel much calmer (less crazy) this afternoon. I won't test now until the weekend. Me testing won't change the outcome. Hope you are keeping well, love hearing about other people's BFPs, helps keep the fait :) x x x

  • My NHS cycles were 15dp5dt using a hpt. This private cycle was only 12dp3dt using a blood test, although as my clinic wasn't open on that day I had to wait until 13dpt but they did say I could do a hpt on the 12 day. I felt that seemed really early but got to trust them I guess.

    Don't worry too much symptoms or lack of as, I'm sure that you've read many times, unless you are bleeding heavily you are absolutely pupo!

  • PUPO is the word of the day! haha Thanks Imd... I think the hospitals are so inconsiderate making us wait this long, surely they can come up with a cure! ;) hahaha I am feeling much better now, feels like the day is nearly over and we're closer again! Hope you are feeling better now? x x x

  • I was told its normally 17 days after booster injection!xx

  • I wish! Mine will be 21 days after! They're just being cruel to me I've decided ;) x x x

  • Aww I think they just make it up as they go along!! Good luck for your results xx

  • Thank you :) x

  • It depends on your clinic. Our first clinic it was 14 days later, second clinic was 16 days. I don't know why it was different.

    Try to hold our for OTD.

  • Thanks pm I will... not long to go now and until then I'm PUPO PUPO PUPO (need to repeat until brain comprehends!) x

  • Hi mommabear16 I've had 3 2dt and the clinic have always told me to test 14 days after, I know every clinic is different but you could probably test from 14 days after transfer.

    Sending lots of baby dust to you xxxx

  • Thank you for your reply, it's helpful to know someone has had a 2dt also. I have read a lot and I know everywhere and everyone is different but 17 days does seem excessive and even more agonising. I think I will test Friday. Then I have the weekend to get my head around it. Do you know if clinics automatically do a beta test or is that only if it's positive? x x x

  • Sorry new to all this so haven't quite worked out the lingo yet but my test is 9 days after transfer for a 5 day embryo. The wait sucks, no other words to describe it! I've got my fingers crossed for us both X

  • Thanks Helena! Lots of luck to you too!! x x x

  • Hi hun if it helps my last 2ww was 19 days long (I was tested 14dp5dt). I think all clinics are different. I did my own test at 11dp5dt (16 days) because I couldn't stand it any longer. You do what is right for you but make sure it is after 12days so your hcg trigger is out of your system xxx

  • P.s. what is PUPO? 😊

  • Hi Kat. My test is actually 17dp2dt... It's a long old wait!!! PUPO is Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise πŸ˜‚ x x x

  • Wow you're in the 19 day club! It's so unfair isn't it!? 😊Have you tested yet?

    Ha ha I LOVE the PUPO!!! XXX

  • I have... I'm yet to find a result I'm happy with!! DH has asked me not to test until the weekend now. Spoil sport haha x x x

  • Haha where's the fun in that DH? XX

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