Mind is going CRAZY

So here I am on a sat night just thinking what might be! Test day is Wed, am trying my best not to get carried away with the outcome it's all I can think about.

All the post said the 2WW is the hardest I thought nah can't be that hard after all that we have been through, the mental, emotional stress never mind the injections, the internal scans & bloods that happens.

If I am not in the hospital taking my bottom half of my clothes off I'm rolling up my sleeves, it's just automatic now, which in a way is funny.

Hubby is on a stag do which is fine, life must go on & with all else that is going on its nice that some normallity, it keeps us both sane.

I keep telling myself what will be will be but I'm still scared of the outcome!!

I wish everyone happiness no matter what happens after all we all do deserve it!!


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  • Hi Jules, lots of luck for Wednesday!! My OTD is a week on Monday and I'm already nuts with it all haha!! x x x

  • Thanks x

  • I'be been through three 2wws and they don't get easier. Try to hold out until OFD before testing. I really hope you get a BFP.

  • Thanks xx

  • I am in the same position. I have my test date tomorrow. I can't wait. It's been the longest time through the whole process. Sailed through then 2ww I have been crying, grumpy, anxious.

    Good luck for Wednesday xx

  • Nope sure doesn't get easier I have been through 5 and luckily in the 5 it actually was easier I think I just reigned myself to it wasn't meant to be and actually waited until OTD there it was faint but there a second line.

    Don't give up hope you really

    Never know 2 days in our shoes a whole heap can change xx

  • Hi, jules! Know exactly what you're feeling, hun! Moreover, I would say this is completely normal how you are feeling.

    We passed our DE IVF in Ukrainian clinic 1.5 year ago. I remember when I had my BFP even though I was ecstatic you can't stop thinking about the ifs, buts & the maybes etc! You know this is the period up to 12 weeks when the pregnancy is considered to be safe. Unfortunately the waiting drives you crazy! I would like to say it gets better but every few weeks it's another milestone! - lol.

    But I found just generally keeping busy helped. Meals out, cinema, spas, walks, reading.

    Looking after yourself is the most important! All the best, dear Xx Have my fingers crossed for you on Wednesday! ;)

  • Hi jules0212 Im not at that stage yet but can imagine the mixture of emotions you must be going through. Sending positive vibes to you and hope all goes well on Wednesday. Good luck ☘☘☘ x

  • Thanks gals!! Positive vibes 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • I found it was easier to get through and start testing, at least that way I could prepare myself or know the positive earlier! Most women seem to get positive tests 6/7 days after 5 day transfer

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