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Frozen Cycle?

Hi there,

We had a 4 day transfer of 2 good quality but not yet blastocyst embryos on Sunday and decided to keep our other two going to see how they developed. It seems that our seed are either slow developers or just plain lazy (just like Mum and Dad!) as the embryologist called today (day 6) to say that one has become a very good quality blastocyst and that the other is good quality and looks like it will become a blastocyst later today. We had at first decided not to freeze any as we thought that we would do the whole process again if we were unsuccessful this time as the chances are obviously higher, but as the two remaining eggs are of such good quality, and I am nearly 39, we have decided to freeze both.

I was just wondering if anyone could explain to me what a frozen cycle consists of. Obviously, there is no egg collection, etc., but what does happen in order to prepare you for transfer?

Many thanks for any information anyone can give. Xx

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hi, I'm due to start a frozen cycle this month, you can do medicated or non medicated. I start buserelin injections on day 21 of this cycle for 2 weeks, then a scan to check down reg. Then start oestrogen tablets and progesterone pessaries for a week, then have frozen embryo transfer, I will have to keep up twice daily pessaries up till week 12 if positive as my body won't have been stimulated like with a fresh cycle... Hope this helps! Its much less intense than a fresh cycle!


We have just gone through a FET cycle and we decided to go with the medicated one as at least that way we are sure of dates and no chance of missing ovulation. It was a lot less intense than a fresh cycle. I too injected Buserelin from day 21 but I am having Intermuscular progesterone injections instead of pessaries, and have estrogen patches every other day. FET's can be very successful as your body is not as bruised and sore from the Fresh cycle.

Good luck xxx


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