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Egg Transfer and those pessaries

Hi all

I am getting egg transfer sometime tomorrow but was wondering how others are affected by the side effects of the pessaries?

I am getting the odd stomach cramp and I hope someone will tell me this will pass.

And how do you cope with the 2ww??? I am dreading it as I know I will be anxious like many of you out there.

My partner also seems to think I am hormonal. Is anyone like me???

Thanks for reading


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Hi JamJar :)

Well I don't consider myself to be a hormonal person, I was very chilled throughout down reg/stimms but today (3 days into my 2ww) it's safe to say I've had a mini meltdown. It is so hard. To other people I'm saying all the right things "I'm just going to relax and see what happens" and "there's nothing I can do to change the outcome so I'm not going to worry or stress". The truth is I can't stop thinking about it. Im hoping when I get back to work next week that will distract me but who knows. I may have a meltdown there!! Try to have some things planned in advance because there's no structure to the 2ww. That's what I've struggled with the most as I'd gotten used to the routine of the jabs, the blood tests, scans etc and now I'm just left to my own devices and your brain runs away with itself!!

I would be interested to hear if I'm just your standard crazy lady or if others are struggling too and what they would recommend.

I've not experienced any problems with the progesterone but I did have some cramps after EC for a few days.

Best of luck with the rest of your cycle and keep in touch x x x


The cramps could be due to your ovaries being full. I felt really bloated and achy after ET so be prepared for that. It's due to all the poking about.

I had a few side effects from the drugs but the nurse did warn that ladies who get bad PMT can suffer more. On top of all the drugs you've got all the emotional side too so it might be a combination of everything.

I've been through three 2wws and I found keeping busy helped me. After a day or so to recover from the anaesthetic I went back to work.

Good luck for EC and a good fertilisation rate.



Hang in there xx

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I was really bloaty through all 6 of my ICSI treatments and felt like a house end. Emotions were ok to be honest I did not have big mood swings.

I was ok with the pessaries but hated the feeling of just well feeling unclean if I am honest.

If you are hormonal then that is totally normal. How one person reacts is totally different to another. Just try and ride those hormones out.

I just took it easy for a few days after EC but then carried on as normal the best you can.

The 2WW is hard but you will ugh it. All thoughts may go through your brain from extreme negative to extreme positive. I think this is just normal and if I am totally honest there is nothing else you can really do at that point but cross everything. I actually preferred the stage when I was injecting myself as I was totally in control of that. For me the hardest was when it went out of your control i.e. EC, waiting to see if you have fertilisation, replacements and the 2WW.

I wish you all the very best and hope to hear an update on your progress.


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