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Hi everyone,

A little bit about myself, Me and my husband have been trying for a baby the last 3 years. I came off pill but never cycled properly (never had a period). Eventually got referred to hospital the beginning of last year. But basically now on my 3rd round of daily gonadotropin/ovatrille injections. Nice being able to speak to others on here that are going through the same things.x

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Hi there I had 3 cycles . 1 miscarriage and 1 ectopic last year. Since then was on pill . Recently came off pill . But my period are sometimes light and sometimes heavy .

So I know exactly what u are saying. It's nice to chat with people here. Who don't just say they understand u but actually they do. As they themselves have gone through so much themselves.

Hope you feel better.


Oh no I feel for you, you must have went through hell last year. Hopefully this year will be different. It's just difficult trying to speak to family etc who haven't been through it and just keep saying 'stay positive'...i know they mean well but just so much easier seeing posts on here that shows couples going through the same things etc. Fingers crossed it works out for you too.x


Thx dear. How are u dear. So how are things going for you. Did the hospital tell you what was ur problem before recommending u for ivf.

Sending u lots of pampering. Stay calm which I know is d last thing u wanna do.


Not too bad, having a good day today. I got referred to fertility clinic after about a year and 1/2 from the doctors. I've not actually got to the ivf stage yet. I am just getting the injections to make eggs grow and then they give me the ovitrille to release once ready. It's all natural after that! Got 6 chances at this, then it's onto ivf if this doesn't work. How about you? What's your story? Hope your having a nice day.x


Best of luck Nic, hope all goes well


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