Recieved a letter explaing in layman's terms the reason for miscarriage

Its called trisomy 2.( A rare chromosome ). I googled this of course and apparently theres only a few babies in the world who have servived this but are left physically and mentally disabled. . Theres a 99.9% this will not happen to me again as its so rare.. but after accepting and understanding the reason for my misscarriage. . It was devastated to read that the baby was a girl.. im so emotional today x

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  • Hi sum1sweeta I am sorry once again to hear of this horrible situation that happened to you, however it is positive news that this will unlikely happen to you again, not that it makes things any easier for you, and the fact you found out the sex of the baby made you worse.. may I ask how they found out it was trisomy, did they run tests ect., just curious. xx

  • Hi danielle, how are you? When are you starting your fet?? And whats the protocol for that?

  • Hi Shirley I am starting the frozen cycle when I have had my follow up appointment on the 13th August, so not long after that, im doing it in a natural cycle.

  • Goodluck with it hun! Keep us updated on how it goes.

  • Will do and goodluck to you too.

  • Hi danielle.. they ran tests on the fetus and thats what they found. . I asked the consultant why abnormalities arnt picked up prior to embryo transfer.. he said I can have a pgs test (which costs £2300 per 8 embryos) which takes cells from embryos and test for abnormalities. . I was shocked that it isnt included in the price of icsi but hey ho its a money making industry. . So thats what we will do also weve decided to have imsi ( they analyse sperm for any abnormalities and only use perfect sperm) so these both will give us more of a you getting on? Xx

  • Hi that seems a good step to take with the testing, and it is a shame they don't do this anyways to stop things like this happening, but it is probably due to high cost technologies. Concentrate on your selves for now and in time you will come to try it again, have a good break.. x

  • Oh gosh!! Im so sorry to hear that!! I can imagine how it must have felt knowing it was a girl? So whats your next step? Are you going for ivf again? If yes, then when do u start?

  • Thanks shirley.. yeah its been a pretty ruff few weeks.. were defo having icsi with psg and imsi but my husband and are going to use our time to get fit and healthy so we will be ready for the next emotional roller coaster. .were thinking to start in april.. going on a few holidays before as the whole process as knocked the wind from us.. how u getting on?? X

  • Sum1sweeta, i think thats great idea, you really need a break from all the roller coaster rides of the whole process. Im still hanging there, on the 6th day of downregging. Really hoping that i can start stims after my next period. Dnt know if u are aware twice before my stimulation got abandoned due to uterus lining being too thick. In may dr did a hysteroscopy and found everything normal, they think lining is thick due to hormonal issues. She said she gave it a good scrape out so hopefully

    I wont have the same problem this time. So having my fingers crossed

  • Aww really I bet you were so disheartened. Its good thats everything looked good on hysteroscopy tho.. so fingers crossed the scrapes done the trick for you And you will be on your journey to being a mum.. keeping my fingers crossed for you and keep us updated x

  • Thank you sweety!! This is the best place to share. Will keep u updated

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