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How many put back in?

Hi everyone,

I'm just about to start my 1st IVF cycle. I'm full of excitement and nerves all at the same time.

Really strange that for as long as I can remember (probably from being a teenager) I've had this feeling that it would take me ages to get pregnant and that when I do, I'll have twins. Obviously the first one has become a reality, will the second?

I understand the risks of having twins and even still I feel I will have them and want them too.

My question is - is this all just a bit crazy? When it comes to it should I only have one embie transferred?

Anyone out there with twins as a result of IVF? Anyone had to make this choice and what are the factors you consider?

Thanks y'all. Wishing everyone great success.

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Hey hun I have twins as a result of IVF. We had two embies put back in so there was always going to be that possibility lol. We chose two as we went down the all or nothing route! We were only ever going to have one pregnancy so the fact we had twins was perfect for us. The risks are higher with multiple births and you have more frequent scans etc.

My girls are 7 months now and I wouldn't change them for the world! It is hard though! It was a shock to the system when we first brought them home lol but their fab. Good luck hun. X


Good luck on your cycle, don't be nervous this could be your moment ✨. There are lots of factors which would influence a transfer of 1 or 2. Depending on your age, egg quality, number of embies, any health problems etc. I've always gone for 2 each time as I'm 39 and he chances of both taking are lower so I did it to try to up my odds. If I got twins I would be delighted! But 1 would be just as perfect. Good luck on your journey xxx


Chances of twins with 2 transferred is about 25% if the cycle is successful. I'm 32 weeks along with twins from my cycle. We only had 2 to transfer and my age and medical background were also factors in that decision to have 2 transferred. Your medical team will guide you on what's best for you. Good luck with your cycle!

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Most clinics are very reluctant to put back 2 if there aren't circumstances that push them towards it. So if you are young and have good quality embryos and haven't had multiple attempts they will be more inclined to suggest one. They are really against multiple pregnancies i think.

But it is def something to have a proper think and discussion about before you start the process as we didn't think putting 2 embryos back was going to be a consideration then we had about 3 mins to make the choice. (And I am horrible at making decisions!!)

Good luck

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Hi Dolly, Ive had this conversation with the other half and if we are lucky enough to have embryos then we would have two put back. Im 38, 39 this year and I feel I dont have much time left so Im doing this to up my chances of success - well that's what Im thinking in my head anyway! Ive considered the fact that we could have a multiple birth but when we dont have much chance to have family naturally then this is ok, a blessing. Good luck with what you decide. Most clinics try to recommend only 1 but as far as I can see the guidance says there will be an opportunity to discuss this so that's what Im hoping!


Thanks everyone. All great points to think about. X


as others have said, your clinic will probably have a single embryo transfer policy but this depend on your factors. We only had the choice of 1 on our first cycle which failed, but can opt for 2 on our upcoming frozen cycle. The HFEA are currently and regularly reviewing this and my clinic said they may stop the multiple embryo transfers, when this will be i don't know which is why we will probably opt for 2 this time as we may not have the option I the future. My view is what will be will be, if we're destined to have twins, bring it on!! Hope your treatment goes to plan.

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Hi dolly8 ihave my second hospital appointment soon I know my progesterone is very low but my internal scans come bk normal what do you think the dr will suggest to me medicine to bring up my progesterone or something else just want to be prepared for the next app. Best wishes for your ivf treatment


Hi Dolly8

Good luck with your first cycle.

I agree with the excellent advice that the others have given you is that the decision re transferring more than 1 embryo is down to your personal circumstances (your age, fertility history, previous pregnancies etc) and your Doctors advice. I'm assuming you are in the UK and you may want to google One at a time which is a professionally-led site aimed at reducing the risks of multiple pregnancies from fertility treatment. This site explains the reasons for elective single embryo transfer (e-SET). Even if you only have one embryo transferred, you still may have twins!

Best wishes x


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