How many embabies?🐣🐣

Just wanted your thoughts on something. On my 1st cycle I had 2 embabies put back, they were the only survivors, both 4 cell, on day 3.

This time I asked them if they would put 2 back seeing as they did last time. They said they really try not to as trying to reduce twin ivf births. I ended in the same situation with only 2 embabies left and they didn't hesitate on putting both back in, and I'm not complaining obviously!!!

What I am wondering is, as I am under 35 and it's not like I've had 5 cycles already, is there something they might not be telling me that means I virtually have no chance? Just want your thoughts as it's playing on my mind now I'm in the 2ww. Sorry for the long post xx

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  • Oh it's a minefield isn't it! Is there any reason they don't push them to day 5? Xx

  • When there is only 2 left there is no benefit in waiting. They only wait to find the ones that progress the best. If they waited with just 2 to choose from, they might both not survive I spose and they say the best place for them is inside a womb.x

  • Ah my clinic are a bit ruthless, they won't entertain day 3 with me at the mo, and it's annoying because we only got one blastocyst out of 7 embies, which they pushed to day 6 to see how they would get on, and it felt like such a waste. I think it sounds like they just don't want to "leave a man behind!" If you'd had 3 they may have pushed them both to day 5 and frozen them. Try not to worry ........ easier said than done, I was freaking out all over the place last week!! Good luck! Xxxx

  • Hi Sjt82. All very confusing I know. However, if your embies are slow growing, they won't risk them stopping, so best to put them back into you, where they belong. Years ago, we only ever did Day 3 transfers, with cell sizes from 3-8, and we still got pregnancies to term. Hopefully this cycle will work for you, so keeping everything crossed for you. Diane

  • Thanx Dianne. So are they just putting 2 back as I end up with so few each time?x

  • Hi Sjt82. I would have thought so. Obviously you will have to check. Good luck! Diane

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