Praying this will be the month!!

So after having HSG test in Jan to see if my tube that was operated on was letting the dye through this is the second time I have ovulated we are really praying that this will be the the month that I get caught we were also told after tubular surgery and hsg test it's good to go on a flight so we head of in 4 weeks time for a week in the sun just so happens this will be when I am ovulating too so maybe being relaxed will help if this month isn't the one that I get caught I'm trying so hard not to stress but it's so hard it's always in my head!!

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  • Hi sam84 know how u feeling about trying to relax and its always in your head x wish there was switch off button in our heads x fingers crossed for you that this is goin to be your month .. X start of 2015 is so exiting for many of us x

  • I know I'm trying so hard to just relax got some we pamper sessions booked for next couple of weeks and a holiday in 4 weeks so that should help us to relax abt it all!! Just wish it would happen almost 11 years of trying was reading up on teas there I drink herbal teas and it says rasberry leaf tea is good so going to go get some now haha xx

  • Must be something about raspberries was reading lots to eat any kind fresh or frozen .. ... I got wee pampering goin on today getting my hair done and was thinking if that would help my periods come haha .. :) sometimes i think i need to visit different clinic :) x

  • Are you going through ivf? I have reflexology later in the week and a massage next week my birthday is in a few weeks so hoping I'll get some vouchers to take advantage off over the next couple of weeks. I'm excited and worried cause my last preg was ectopic and if I hadn't gone to the hospital when I did I would have died so I'm very apprehensive abt falling preg especially since the tube I have left is damaged there's a chance it could happen again sometimes I freak out and think I'm crazy trying naturally but icsi costs so much money I feel I need to try xx

  • We were offered counseling but its too far to drive for it .. And I didn't even look into it if we could get one closer x yes started our first cycle 11th and I am to start menopur tomorrow but no periods yet .. So waiting phone call from nurse .. And of course its impossible not to think about it and stress x enjoy all of your pampering treats and birthday and hope it will all make just good xx

  • Aww I hope you find one closer, good luck in your treatment I hope it all goes very well for you my friend is 17 weeks gone now after first treatment due in Aug I'm hoping I'll be able to enjoy some maternity with her if I fall preg we will be of a cpl of months together praying for all the couples out there struggling I hope everyone gets their baby xxx

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