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So we had our transfer today, after 7/10 fertilising. We had a total to pick from, all 4 had made it blastocyst. This is our 3rd attempt and both previous we have only managed 1 blastocyst so to have 4 today is truly a miracle for us. Never had frozen either and today we transferred 2 and have 2 frozen. The only difference for us the cycle was DHEA which I had been recommended to take. I had a total of 5 months. Only time will tell but we're hoping to get further than the last 2 pregnancies.

Praying this is our time that 1 of the wee beans wants to stick around 🙏🏻sending my good wishes to you all.

Jac x

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Wow. That's fantastic. Good luck. And don't test until OTD!! Xx

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WeeJacs in reply to Camillage

Thank you, I'm not planning to, clinic does a blood test next Friday morning so I will wait for for that xx

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Camillage in reply to WeeJacs

Wishing you all the best xx

Fabulous news WeeJacs.....and frozen, yipppeeee! I was the same when we cycled using DHEA, our embryos did much better too - although didnt acheive pregnancy. Wishing you so much luck for the 2ww!xx

oh i have everything crossed for you hun! im also having treatment in Glasgow Royal and been taking dhea for 6 months so heres hoping i get as good a result! <3 xx

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WeeJacs in reply to ama4

I'm in GCRM good luck xx

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ama4 in reply to WeeJacs

Brill! Best of luck hun! xx

Best of luck, hoping for the best for you xxx

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WeeJacs in reply to Refocus

Thank you xx

Just wanted to wish you good luck!! Xx

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WeeJacs in reply to

Thank you xx

That sounds great news. I’m booked for transfer Saturday got the call this morning to say that five (from 11 eggs) have fertilised , which I was pleased with but you just never know what’s going to happen at the next stage! Good luck! Xx

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WeeJacs in reply to Italy16

Good luck keeping everything crossed for you xx

This sounds really great! Well done.

Good luck in your 2ww. Xxx

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