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Planning our FET

Hello ladies, it's been a while since i posted. We've just got back from a 2 week holiday which was so very needed after our 3rd failed IVF which hit us very hard this time, 😢 so timeout as a couple in the sunshine was just what we needed.

We had our follow up appt with our clinic today and were able to talk things through with out crying! Time really does help to rebuild strength to think about moving forwards.

We have one 4AA Frostie that we are now planning to use via a HRT FET and planning to go again end of July/beginning of August. It's a good quality Frostie and we are going to try everything we can help make this one stick. I'm praying that this little Frostie is THE one 🙏🙏🙏.

Between now and July I'm going to focus on loosing the weight that has crept on over the last 9 months and start enjoying exercise again.

Has anyone been through a HRT FET and got any advice to share.

Sending you all sprinkles of baby dust ✨✨ xx

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Good luck! It's terrible how weight gain seems to happen during IVF isn't it. I lost quite a bit before the first one and have since gained 8 kg. Now lost 2 of them, but it's really tough!

Sounds like you have a first class frostie to put back so fingers crossed everything will work perfectly this time!

No experience with HRT but I can recommend Circle and Bloom meditations that have definitely helped me significantly lower my stress levels over this last attempt (I'm just starting 2ww with 2 frosties on board). I also went to see a naturapath to much derision from my scientific husband, but judging by the CM this month it has made a difference to my hormones. She also prescribed red date soup (Chinese Medicine) to improve blood flow to womb. This is something that the Western docs don't seem to consider a factor.

Anyway - best of luck! xx


Bless you , good luck with everything xx


Hi I had an HRT FET this year. I've not been the strictest person with sticking to diets and not eating/ drinking certain things I by no means went overboard but I found the most stressful thing in previous fresh cycles and transfers was worrying that I wasn't doing my best.

So my advice is to relax the HRT pills made me feel very emotional mostly mood swings up and down but occasionally really angry for no reason.

It's also a lot of tablets to remember to take! And if all goes well you continue taking them till week 12 of the pregnancy I've just come off them and all seems to be going well.

Best of luck to you x


I found FET (medicated not natural) much easier than a full cycle with EC.

I hope that this is the one for you!


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