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hi, just curious why some centers insist on a blood test to confirm pregnancy and others rely on a home pregnancy test. I know they follow up with an early scan but it seems strange given that the HCG from the trigger shot could give a false positive. I'm due to home test in 2 days which is 11 days post day 5 blast transfer. Is there a chance it could give a false positive in that time frame? Seems odd that it isn't universally the same. My sister in law at a different centre was told not to do a home test as it wasn't reliable! 😐

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  • I have often wondered this, with my clinic you have to do a home test X

  • I'm wondering about that too. My clinic also only do home test...mine was on 20th April and the first scan isn't until wednesday this week. Talking about 4ww! But I suppose if something unusual comes up, you would contact them anyway and get checked. Good luck with your test in two days!

  • Gosh, the 4 week wait sounds worse than my current 11 day wait! If mine is positive i'll be wondering if it's genuine right up to the scan! Especially if I'm symptom free! How long after transfer did you test? Mine was a 5 day blast, think that makes the wait shorter... Congratulations on your BFP! Best of luck for your scan x

  • Thank you very much. My test date was 10 days after 5 day transfer, so it wasn't too bad, but you are absolutely right that I'm wondering if it's genuine right up to the scan. Despite no bleeding any time during treatment I had to doublecheck with HPT a week after first test, just to reassure myself! I have (luckily) been very symptom free so far, only within the last week I have felt slightly nauseous in the morning and have felt a bit slow. I have very occasionally felt a bit of cramping, but not something I would think of as a pregnancy. It just still feels so unreal, so very much looking forward to that scan now.

  • Hi embiemomma. As a rough guide the hCG shot wears off at a rate of 1000units per day, so you can work out how long your own takes from the trigger shot dose you had. Clinics vary so much as to all aspects of an IVF cycle, all down to consultant preference. Good luck! Diane

  • My clinic say to do a test and if it's positive to repeat a week later. We were never offered a blood test. I think they know how long it'll take to get the trigger shot out of your system. I had 3 tests this way never got a false positive only a real one :)

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