Low progesterone levels and pregnant! :) :) Very apprehensive though!! Anyone been through the same?

So as of Friday I found out that I am pregnant :) I am over the moon but due to tests before the pregnancy stating low progesterone levels and because I had a miscarriage on my first pregnancy I can't help but worry. Anyone been or going through the same and have any advice?

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  • Hi gldavis447. Well, that's great to hear that you are now pregnant. Perhaps as you lost your first pregnancy ? due to low progesterone levels, you need to see about having a progesterone supplement of some sort for the first 12 weeks?? Go and see your GP as soon as you can and get this sorted out. Best to be on the safe side. Fingers crossed that all goes smoothly for you. Diane

  • Hi Diane,

    Thankyou for the reply, I'm not sure if my miscarriage the first time was definitely due to progesterone levels but I have an inkling it could well have been. I saw the doctor this morning as Ive been worrying a bit and she told me not to and just to let nature take its course..because I am so early I can't have a scan yet, no mention of progesterone supplements either. We shall see ay. :)

  • Hi gldavis447, fantastic news Hun!

    As you know I also suffered from low prog and that was the first question I asked the doctor which he replied that in pregnancy the baby produces it's own and that is be fine and up to now (12w+4d) I have been! Xxx

  • Thankyou hun, i'm so happy and I'm so happy for you too, thats such great news :) :) Keep me informed though and let me know how you're doing :) Have u had your progesterone levels checked at all throughout the pregnancy? Here's to a happy and healthy pregnancy for us both :) xx

  • No not had any levels checked apart from bloods and urine test with the midwife!

    You might want to try and ask for extra scans at EPAU if it is a concern - maybe mention it at your first midwife appointment? Eeeekkk! Exciting stuff! Xxx

  • I saw my doctor today and she told me not to worry and just to let nature run its course. Because I am so early I can't have a scan just yet either but I filled in my self referral form today and hopefully will hear from the midwife soon. I definitely will tell her my worries though :) Ive made sure im taking pregnacare everyday too so i know my bodys getting the right vitamins and folic acid too :) Exciting stuff indeed :) :)

  • Hi there, how dis it go? are you pregnant still. i just foubd out i am nearly 4 weeks pregnant and was also told last month i has low progesterone o i am a littlw worried

  • Hi there,

    Sorry for the late reply, I am pretty rubbish atm! Yes, I have just under 9 weeks to go so not long now! Can't believe where the time has gone!

    How are you getting on sweet, any news on the progesterone?

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