Tested early 😞

I caved and tested last night even though I'm not supposed to until Tuesday. Unsurprisingly it was negative. The test I used wasn't even an early test but I was getting worried about my hope level. I'm usually the person who believes it hasn't worked but for some reason this time I've convinced myself that this is the one. That this time I'll get a positive. I needed a reality check and I got one. I'm not sure why I felt so sure that I was pregnant. Nothing is different this month, but it's just got into my head and the waiting is killing me because I know that if I'm not pregnant that this month is going to be harder to bear than ever. Has anyone else had this experience of being 'sure' with absoloutely no reason or proof. If I sound a little crazy blame the 2ww. πŸ˜‰

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  • Hi M_V_B, I did the same this morning, used a cheap 1 as well, yesterday I felt sick, dizzy and kept wakening in the night with sore boobs. It was a BFN, it could still be to early as today is only d10 p trigger shot but I'm feeling so negative now. Hope your ok xx

  • I'm doing ok. I know it might be too early, especially with the cheap test I used. It even said on it not to use before the first day of your period,which for me is the same day as my test date. I tried again this morning using a better quality test but the test failed and I'd already thrown my urine down the toilet so I guess I'll have to wait for tomorrow morning. I was nauseous last night as well but that could be the fact that I ate junk food last night for the first time in 8 weeks. πŸ˜–

  • Sorry, pressed send before finishing my message. Don't lose hope yet. The cheap tests are not designed to do early tests. Remember, pregnant until proven otherwise. Keep your chin up and fingers crossed until we know for sure.

  • Maybe that's a sign for you to stay positive and wait till your test day, do it first thing with a better test :-) I'm not going to test again till Wednesday (well try) xx

  • Hi, if you're testing early you really need to use first sample of urine from the morning. By evening time the hormone is just too dilute to detect. It's more concentrated in the morning. If I were you, I'd give it a day or so and test first thing in the morning, perhaps using a first response. 

    Many women have false negative results by testing early and at the wrong time of day. Its happened to me before. It's not over for you yet!

  • I agree with tlove 

    Urine that's been held in for a good few hours along with a first response test.  

    It could be too early though... although mine showed day 6 

    God luck x 

  • I feel your pain I also just had a gut instinct and knew it hadn't and I came on two days before my OTD. It could still be to early to test tho as the others have said hang in there until Tue xxx 

  • Button how did you cope with period before OTD because I'm going through this now. I haven't stopped crying over the weekend?? Think it because they are making me carry on with meds and still have to attend for bloods Tuesday. It's a prolonging agony I'm finding it difficult xx

  • Hi hope84 I really feel your pain it isn't nice and all the hormones in the pessaries make it worse. Once you stop them you will feel loads better it took a few days but I just look that it wasn't our time, I am due to start 2nd round soon and I am filled with dread and hope. it's a tough & cruel journey. Sending big hugs 😘😘😘

  • Hi, I would try and hold out until your test date. I know it can feel like torture but a day can really make all the difference. 

    I tested the day before my test date and it was a BFN. Tested the following day and got our positive. 

    Best of luck πŸ€ x

  • I agree with Tlove if you

    Are going to test rely use a first response and first wee, it could just be to early although mine showed at 9dp5dt....

    Hold out if you can xxx

  • Started bleeding today so I guess the test was right. 😰

  • M_V_B are you still bleeding? 😒 x

  • Is it a heavy bleed? :(

  • It's heavy enough and it's red. It's definately over.

  • So sorry lovely.  Be kind to yourselves. One day at a time x

  • So sorry for this result huni I have just mis carried 8weeks this journey is turbulent I've gone from upset anger to now trying to mend xx 

  • Sorry to hear that. I hope you get some peace soon.

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