Going through the IVF process for the first time. Scan on Monday & egg collection Wednesday all being well. Have had 2 acupuncture sessions

My next acupuncture session is Wednesday but if my egg collection is same day I won't be able to go. Feeling nervous . Is egg collection or transfer the worst pain wise ? And do you feel uncomfortable the next day after each?

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  • Hi egg collection is when you are knocked out. I found it fine and felt nothing at all. Felt a bit woozy on waking up and you do have to take it easy the next day. The egg transfer is like a smear test it's a little uncomfortable because your bladder is full but isn't sore at all. Good luck!!x

  • Thanks do you know what bfp means. I keep seeing it on posts but not sure what it stands for ? X

  • It means a positive pregnancy test. Big fat positive -bfp. Big fat negative -bfn

  • Hi! Egg collection is a bit uncomfortable but they sedate you so you should hardly feel a thing! I had a bit of cramping afterwards but nothing too painful. The transfer wasn't sore at all. I had acupuncture during our round of IVF. If nothing else, it really helped me to relax! x

  • Hi Nyko. Just wanted to wish you well with all of this, and hope that your scan goes/has gone well today. Fingers crossed for egg collection and remember to have a good rest afterwards and drink plenty of water. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank you Diane that's really kind. I have another scan tomorrow as my follicles aren't quite there yet so maybe Thursday / Friday now for egg collection .

  • Hi Nyko. Just hoping all went well with your follicle scan and that you can be scheduled for egg collection soon. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Hi yeah Im booked in for tomorrow, nervous. 😕

  • Hi Nyko. Hope all went well with the scan and you have a date for egg collection. Good luck! Diane

  • 4 have fertilised normally. Provisionally booked in for Sunday 11am unless they try take them to day 5 which they will confirm on Sunday . If that's the case it will be Tuesday x

  • Hu Nyko. All looking good, and getting very exciting. However, I'm sure you are anxious too. Keeping everything crossed for you, and hope all goes well with the transfer, and of course for success. Diane

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