Icsi round 2 today ... cycle buddies

Hi all start my injections today for my second cycle. Had an emotional day as had to have a blood test to determine whether a cyst was getting in way. It's 2 below where it should be so said I can start. So stressful. Anyway ready to go ... anyone with me ? Also does anyone think it's ok to continue with spinning classes while having injections ? Xxxx

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  • Hi kc21. Me too had a scan today and they saw a small cyst. that was not seen in my last scan which was done on 22 january. I am also using manopur injection from today and going to continue syneral nasalspray too. its my first cycle. good luck to both of us.

  • Let's do this hun xxxx it's my second round but I over stimmed last time ! X

  • Hi. You can exercise while having injections. Depending on how you feel, you can continue excercising until EC. My self who was an sport junky had to reduce my exercises to walking an hour every day and I attend Pilate classes once a week.

  • Hi there, I decided to stop exercising as I read too much conflicting advice about whether or not it was good for the cycle but I do walk about 3 or 4 miles every night with the dog to keep me active. I think it's completely a personal choice :-) do what you think is best for your body/mind. Good luck with your new cycle x x x

  • I am having my scratch next Thursday and my first gonal f injection for our first ICSI attempt (but 2nd IVF attempt) the following Wednesday :)

  • Thanks guys x last time I stopped exercising as I was so bloated but I'm on much lower dose this time I think while I'm up to it might continue with classes until I'm not feeling right. How r u all feeling ? Ready for it ? Xxx

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