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EWCM is so confusing 😔

Hi. I am on cycle day 33 and this cycle I couldn't track my ovulation, unfortunatelly. But my ovulation test line has been really strong for over a week. It is not quite positive but the line is very dark, darker than it should be this time of the month. Also, over nearly 3 weeks ago I have been having high fertility on my clearblue digital dual hormone. As I know that once the test shows high fertility, it will always do it until it shows a peak, I bought a new pack just to start from scratch. The first from the new pack was negative but two or three days later the one in the new pack started to show high fertility too. But no peak 😔

The new one has been like that for over a week now and the cheap online tests have been having a strong line too. 

To add to all this I am loosing lots of EWCM, I MEAN A LOT😳

In this situation I have no idea what this could mean ?

Any advice? I just want to be normal and have the joy of being a mum 😔

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Dont both those factors mean you are in your ovulation window? Do you chart your BBT as this will help you identify if you have ovulated already too x

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Hi AnaRita.  I think from what you are saying, that you are ovulating, espeically as you are getting the egg white cervical mucus too.  Why not go back to old-fashioned sex every 3 days, or more often if you want.  Providing your tubes and partner's sperm are OK, you will always have some sperm waiting (they live for at least 4 days) for when you do ovulate - just my thoughts.  good luck!  Diane

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