2 FETs but only just!

Hi all, had 2 FETs transferred yesterday. One I was earlier told had died and wouldn't be used and then it kick started and it was borderline - just about 50% survived which is the minimum apparently (the other was 80% and considered strong) has anyone had a borderline one go on to become a successful pregnancy? 

Hope you are all well and Thankyou, this is the best place for support ever! Xx

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  • I have only one frozen it was 14 cells and went to blast I really hope it will be OK x good luck x

  • Thankyou ytsrik, let's hope our little ones are strong enough 🙏 It's reassuring to know they at least got this far 😊 Hope your transfer goes well and you have success xx

  • Hi Bighope4.  I think that as they are showing signs of progressing, then there is hope that they will continue.  Fingers crossed that all goes well with your little embies.  Thinking of you.  Diane

  • Thankyou Diane, it's lovely to think they at least have a chance and are now in the best place for them. Hoping all the steroids and thinners will make the difference this time 🙏 Xx

  • Hi Bighope4.  Yes, they are in the best place now, so hope they like their new home and continue to grow well with the help of all your drugs.  Diane

  • Aww thankyou, i really hope so, om meant to be having an intrapalid infusion on Monday as they couldn't do it this week, will that still be OK as post transfer? 

  • Hi Bighope4.  Yes, you have up to 7 days post trasnsfer.  Doesn't take long to give, and a good means of support for your little embies.  Diane

  • Thankyou Diane, that's very reassuring 😊

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