Re calling clinic on day 1 of bleed


Would it matter that much if say I had day 1 of full bleed tmr but my clinics shut tmr. If I called on Tuesday morn to say that Tuesday was day 1 of bleed so then they would scan me on the Wednesday which would officially be day 3 of bleed.

Hope this makes sence?

i mean how would the clinic know when they scan me if it was day , 1,2,3 ect.  X

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  • It does make sense!! I wouldn't as they start you on certain days for a reason think it's day 1 or 2 so they have time to stim you and shut down your natural cycle to stop you ovulating, just ring clinic be honest and see what they say xxx

  • Hi there my clinic didn't scan me before I started stimming but I do have a scan after next AF. Nurse said they like to scan after 2-3 days bleed but all clinics are different I suppose. Just be honest with them so you're starting your jabs on the right date. Try not to worry too much x 

  • Hey

    I would just be honest, you need to be full flow for day 1 not just spotting. You might be OK, I can't see one day making such a difference, why not ask Diane ( ask the nurse) she should have the best advice for you x

  • I think timings are important-I had same issue the cycle just gone but had to go in immediately when they were open so call them 1st thing this morning-they should fit you in for an appointment today.

    Good luck x

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