Cycle day 1?


Please can someone help I have to let the hospital know when I come on for cycle day 1. I woke up this morning with nothing at about 8.30 then 10ish I was lightly starting. To be honest usually I wouldn't have a proper bleed until tomorrow but I have now noticed I'm in full bleed at 1pm. (Sorry if TMI!) I read you count the first day of your cycle with waking up with full bleed so should I count today as day 1 or tomorrow?!

I did have my first lot of acupuncture last night I wonder if this could have brought it sooner as I wasn't due until Monday CD29?!

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  • If you are at full flow now, then this is your day 1. It doesn't matter whether it's starts morning, noon or night!

  • Hi i was kinda confused with this aswel i came on on a late friday afternoon but rang up as soon as i noticed something because i knew what was to follow, also i didnt want to wait until after 5 on friday because then i wouldnt be able to make my oppointment until monday at my clinic.

    I also had my 1st accupunture the day before i was due on and it made me late 2days which has never happened before so it had to be that it must just affect people differently....good luck with ur cycle x

  • I'd say today is your day 1 x

  • Hello, I would count this as day 1 too.

  • Hi I would check with the hospital- mine counted full flow before midday as day 1, but full flow after midday was day 1 the following day!

  • They classed day 1 was before 12.

  • Thank you for replies I will call them Monday and see what they say. Many thanks x

  • Hi Blondyboo. Only just read your post, so by now you will have spoken to the clinic. Just to wish you well, and hope that all is OK to start your treatment. Diane

  • I was told to count my day 1 if I had full flow before midday if it arrived after midday then I was to count the next day as my day 1. Hope this helps x

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