Not sure what to do

Hi, tomorrow I will be 5 wks preg and still having those bad cramps! They have gotten so severe I am being woke out of my sleep crying curled into a wee ball. I am exhausted from lack of sleep :( I rang my clinic yesterday and they said to try hold off until Friday but I don't think I can and wondering if I should go to A&E or just land at the clinic tomorrow morning? I don't care that I won't see much I just need to be reassured by medical professions that the pain is nothing to worry about. 

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  • Hi 

    For peace of mind I would go to the Early Pregnancy Unit at your local hospital. Go early in the morning as there is normally a few hrs wait. 

    Hope all is well!


  • Thanks, I am going to just do that 😊 I'm sure it is nothing to worry about as I know cramps are normal but I have never felt pain like it.

  • Hi, I don't think they will see anything on a scan at 5 weeks but they can do your bloods to see if hCG is doubling as it should be. Cramping is quite normal in early pregnancy, especially if it is your first as everything is starting to stretch, so please don't think the worst. I had some cramping and even bleeding around 5 weeks too and I'm quite far along in my pregnancy now. But yes, go see epu for the blood test. I wonder if drinking more water could also help - are you drinking enough? Apparently lack of water can cause the uterus to contract - at least later in pregnancy anyway, not sure about early on but no harm making sure you're well hydrated anyway.

  • I don't care that I maybe won't see anything I just need them to do something to see if everything ok. I have been like this from Friday and seems to be getting worse so that's why I am so concerned. I drink tons of water, never without a water bottle in my hand :-) hope your pregnancy going well now :-) 

  • That's how I felt when this happened to me as well. They only offered me the blood test at that stage though and I decided to wait until 6 weeks to see the scan because you have to take the blood test twice in 48 hours. I hope they will at least do a blood test for you to put you at ease. Definitely give them a call to see what they'll do.

  • I would go with your gut instinct and go in first thing in the morning. At the end of the day it's okay for someone at the end of the phone to day wait. Good luck xxx

  • It sounds like stretching pains... scan won't pock anything up its far too early. So many people have these pains and cramps x

    I suggest hcg bloods done and repeated after 48 hours.. doubt the NHS will do it they didn't for me may have to do privately x

  • I suffered cramps in my last pregnancy as a result of a magnesium deficiency. You should be able to get supplements over the counter at your local pharmacist. Don't suffer anymore.

  • Hope your pains settled down and you've had a better night x

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