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IVF abroad?



After going to a fertility exhibition at the weekend we got to speak to quiet a few of the clinics from the uk and around Europe.

Has anyone considered going abroad to try IVF or have any experience? My husband and I would like to get lots of information before any final decisions are made.


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A friend of mine is undergoing treatment in Athens. She is very complimentary about the care she has received. Happy to find the name if that helps.

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Yes please any extra information we can read about will be helpful.

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It's called Serum and based in Athens. ivfserum.com

We went to Denmark. It was only a cheap short flight and easy to get to. We only had to fly out a few times and as ryanair goes there the flights were cheap. PM if you're interested.

We went to Marbella just over 5 years ago and we were very happy with our decision, after a failed IUI and ICSI cycle at a London clinic. It does seem scary making this decision! Check that the clinic is regulated, so in Spain, this would be the Spanish Department of Health and the Spanish Fertility Society. All countries have some sort of regulation. Do your research as you would a clinic in the UK. Clinics in Europe and the US as generally as up to date (maybe more so in some circumstances!) as the clinics in the UK. Language isnt a barrier as most staff will speak english or they'll have a UK rep. It is generally cheaper in Europe and maybe some parts of the US than treatment in the UK, even factoring in flights and accommodation. Hope this helps but if you would like more information, please PM me. Good luck!

I went to Reprofit in Czech Republic. Had a succesful cycle there. Happy with the clinic & decision to go abroad. PM if you want more info. Best wishes.

Hi Rach_316, I have carried out a vast amount of research on this as I am also about to embark on this. It is such a difficult decision to make for such an expensive and emotionally delicate venture as IVF. With so many positive reviews, I would suggest you look into a clinic called Serum in Athens, Greece. I think the lady's name is called Penny. I am thinking of going there and I'm still trying to save up for this. I hope this helps

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Thank you for your message, we have so far only looked into IVF Spain & Klinikk Hausken based in Norway. Both seem brilliant with Norway winning on price. We are due a virtual examination but still looking a all parties

Great fertility clinic in Poland, one of the highest success rate, PGD and PGD NGS, doctors of other specialisation, popular among international patients, some sources say one of the best embriologists work in a clinic. Clinic (two branches) is placed in Gdansk and Warsaw, so easy to travel by low cost airlines, sities are friendly, clean and cheap. My friends who underwent treatment in a clinic have been satisfied and usually recommend it. I saw clinics recommendations by international patients in other forums. If want, PM

if you consider ivf abroad, would encourage to do as much research as possible. Read the international boards on forums (eg fertilityfriends), use free tools (eggdonationfriends), visit clinics websites and read publications. xx

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