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Day 8

I've become a serial tester! Cheap ones, expensive ones I've tried them all knowing it's been to early to tell but it's so hard not to, now that the 2ww is coming to an end I'm going to try so hard to not test again. I have noticed a few things I really hope aren't in my head lol my sense of smell hasn't always been great but the last few days I can smell things so clear and sometimes makes me want to be sick. Has anyone else experienced this? xx

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When is your official test day Hun . Since of smell is a good sign I think 🙂😊😊


I'm really hoping this is a good sign. I have read a lot about implantation bleeding and I haven't had it so been worrying. The clinic told me to test 2 wks  from trigger but I have read you shouldn't and that you should test 2 wks from iui :/ I'll prob test wed, thurs and Friday now 😁 xx

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Forget about implantation bleeding. It happens in some but not all pregnancies. I had it for my natural pregnancies but for me it wasn't a good sign as I continued to spot afterwards and then miscarried. This time on IVF, I had no implantation bleed, the only sign it had worked was an upset tummy 2 days after transfer which I also seem to get around implantation time. Like you I was a little concerned that I hadn't had the implantation spotting but it worked out fine. Heightened sense of smell can be a symptom but again, these symptoms are so variable from pregnancy to pregnancy. I tested 9dp5dt as this is equivalent to 4 weeks pregnant and should be picked up on one of the more sensitive tests. Just be careful doing this that you use morning sample as it's still early to test. And even if you get a bfn at that point you have to continue the progesterone until you test on otd. Best of luck!


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