This 2ww is killing me!

We test on Thursday and I am such a moody git at the moment! It was ok for the first week - I've been at work and it's been super busy - but now it's the weekend and I have time to think I'm going a bit crazy! I think a lot of things I would normally do to calm myself down are out - bath, exercise class, booze - so if you guys can recommend anything, I'd be most grateful 😊 Thank you xxx

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  • Try teaching yourself to knit, it's a good way to keep hands and mind busy so you stay off Dr. Google! Or try an adult colouring book, go for a walk, do something fun with your partner. We had a weekend away to see a comedian during my 2ww, maybe you could catch a film or a show?

  • Thank you. We've just taken the dogs out and watched them try to catch squirrels - that has helped 😊 Xx

  • Download headspace and try to do the 10 mins meditation everyday, supposed to be really good for your stress level and chills you out

  • Yep I've been doing that throughout the whole process. I think you just have good days and bad days. Today's a better one! Xx

  • Just wanted to wish you all the best for Thursday. Hope it's a BFP x

  • Thanks Jess. Fingers and toes crossed! Xxx

  • Just think your passed the half way point of 2ww and have done so well. you have four days and I have six. Eeekk Im kinda excited but dreading the day too. Try and keep busy as hard as it can be I know .. Drink plenty of fluids etc .. Massive fingers and toes for you on Thursday XX

  • Ah! I know. Exciting times for both of us. Fingers crossed for you my lovely xx

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