2ww is killing me

I can honestly say that all the waiting around, being probed by doctors, going through the injections, the bloating the tearfull nights and egg collection truely feels like nothing in comparison to this agonising 2ww that we have to do at the end of it all. It feels like its never going to come, trying to keep positive and motivated is starting to run its toll as well. I had the egg transfer last saturday so am tempted to do a pregnancy test at home but then you think, what if its negative? Its just so hard to try and remain normal:-). I just hope that everyone on here gets the good news they deserve especially after all that we have been or gonna go through.

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  • I had a 5 day transfer so my wait was only 9 days and it honestly went a lot faster than I thought it would! Good luck to you Hun and hope you get your BFP!!! Xx

  • Thanks nat im trying to remain positive but i think because we endure alot during this treatment thats sometimes it just feels like too much and you begin to loose hope. Right now every little pain feels like "ohh no am i starting my period" unfortunately im a worrier thats why two weeks to me feels like for ever at the moment? What was your result if you dont mind me asking?

  • It was a positive Hun but I have miscarried, I'm absolutely heartbroken! Remember that pains can still be your ovaries recovering from egg collection, the embryo attaching or even your uterus stretching! I'm still recovering from OHSS too, the bloat made me put on 9 pounds in 2 days! I wish you all the luck in the world Hun and that you get your BFP xx

  • I read your post right after i responded on here:-((( im so sorry just make sure you get the anger and frustration out of yourself before you start the next cycle.

    My doctor told me all those things as well but you know how it is we just automatically think the worst its horrible. Keep me listed on how ur getting on hun

  • Hi. Yes the 2ww is the worst. I understand what you mean about trying to stay positive. I found it hard by the second week. I didn't have any period pains compared to my first cycle so I took that as a positive too. Unfortunately my result was negative and its the end of the road for us. Good luck and fingers crossed for you.

  • Hi pumpkin im so sorry to hear that :-( i dont even know what i can say to make you feel better its such a horrible situation to have to come to terms with. I mean me and my husband always said that if it came to a point where we couldnt have kids of our own then we would go for adoption. Although i get two more tries after this one im just not hopefull at all for some reason. My family is constantly like why are you so down on yourself its only your first try, so what if it dosent work:-) they have no idea what ivf does to a woman. Anyway maybe you should consider adoption as well i mean i know it wont be the same but you will be giving a child a home they will probably never have because you will appriciate them more. I wish you all the best.

  • Thank you so much. I can't really think seriously about adoption at the moment as its far too raw for us. It's only 3 weeks ago. friends and family don't understand how stressful ivf is. That's why this website is so good. Everyone understands. I knew the first cycle had failed before we did the test. I wouldn't even ring up for the results my poor fiance had to. This time I tried to stay as positive as possible and did everything differently to first time round. Don't get me wrong I had days when I felt so down and upset it was untrue. I was off work so just sat and cried some days. I wish you all the luck and try not to be too down on yourself. For the past month you have gone through alot.

  • I can totally understand where your coming from, you need that time for yourself where you can try to pick yourself up from that deep feeling of sadness. Its so hard and people try to make you feel better but they're clueless. I dont think that i have cried as much as i have done in these past couple of months ever! . Its just eghausting physically and mentally. I feel emotionally drained to a point where i dont want to answer anymore questions from people or tolerate their sorryfull looks :-)). My husband tries to make conversation but sometimes i just want to close up to the world because i think what is the point? You havent been through this so what can you tell me? Kind of thing. Im deeply sadened for you, i might be in that position soon as well so i can totally understand and yes it is far too early to even think about adoption, i think first you need to mend yourself back to health, then maybe youll start thinking about other options:-(( i wish you all the best xx

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