This waiting is killing me!

Had a horrible weekend and after a few occasions of brown spotting I'm still convinced that the scan will be awful and they'll find out it isn't viable. Over the weekend it was like the grieving had started already. I was sobbing and just felt useless and hopeless. What is the point of me if I can't even keep our lovely embryos alive?! I'm trying to stay positive but in some ways it would be easier to expect a miscarriage and then have the "surprise" of a viable pregnancy. I can't believe it is another 8 days still until my scan.

Still no nausea but trying to remind myself that when I was pregnant with my son (who is 18 now) I didn't even KNOW I was pregnant until I was 8 weeks already and I never experienced nausea at all in the first trimester.

Still feeling hungry and tired all the time, which I'm hoping is a good sign. Gah! I hate wishing my life away but I would like the scan to be over so I know where I stand.

So frustrating! This time it is even worse than the 2WW!!!

Wishing you all baby dust and hope you are all doing OK XX

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  • Tired and hungry is a good sign! Be kind to yourself and you're allowed to be scare/nervous. I was absolutely petrified my entire pregnancy. It's hard because for us it's a battle just to get pregnant yet alone keep it!

  • Hi, dear, I know the emotional roller coaster you're going through! I would say this is completely normal how you are feeing, hun. I remember when I had my BFP. Even then I couldn't stop thinking about the ifs and maybes.

    Unfortunately every waiting drives us crazy! I would like to say it gets better. But every few weeks it's actually like another milestone!

    I found just generally keeping busy helped. Meals out, reading, cinema, walks, chatting.

    Looking after yourself is the most important!

    Will be praying for you X

  • Hi EmBlazes. Brown spotting can often just be down to progesterone pessaries irritating your cervix - that is if you have been prescribed them. I do realise how anxious you are feeling just now, but try and keep busy and have a little rest when you can. Diane

  • I feel exactly the same way. I'm dying for the waiting to be over for scan on Friday. Worked out how many hours I had to wait earlier today lol. I'm also feeling like I'm preparing for the worst but also trying to stay positive.... What a total mix. Keeping busy definitely helps......fingers crossed everything works out.

  • I feel your pain the waiting and wondering is horrible, But just keep thinking your pregnant until proven otherwise xxx

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