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Gonal F


I start my gonal f injections tomorrow, but i have plans which mean i am out from the afternoon till like midnight. Does anyone know how long Gonal F can be left out of the fridge for, if i took it with me and injected while i am out. Or does anyone know whats the latest tie in the evening you can do the injections??

Help would be appreciated, nervous over here haha! :)

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Hi glover97. I would go with as near as possible to the time you originally planned to inject. The Gonal F will be fine provided you keep it as cool as possible and don’t put it next to a radiator – just keep it in your bag. Good luck with it all and I hope that this cycle goes to plan. Diane


Thanks for your help ! :)


Hello, I had a night out the second day of my injections. It was fine in my handbag and I managed to take it in the ladies loo while I was out. It was absolutely fine. Good luck! x


Anytime I was out I took mine wherever possible....


I got a small cooler bag, and put some ice blocks and put mine in there to keep it cool.


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