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Ovulation which ones best to use?

What are the best  ovulation tests to use? How reliable are they. I am not having much luck with them.I'm due to ovulate sunday 10th as i have a 26 day cycle. At the moment i am using ovulation sticks by clear and simple.I'm worried that i'm not going to see 2 lines to indicate i am about to ovulate.I have in the past tried the clear blue digital but as was gettimg nearer to my ovulation day the test stopped working and was becoming invalid kept buying more,then i just gave up.

 Any advice would help as i think I'm going out of my mind

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Hi. I'm sorry you're having difficulties. This situation is so hard most people just can't understand how it can take over your lives. 

I used to use clearblue dual hormone. Coz I found the other ones didn't work. Also with that one you do the test with first urine of the day. You don't need to worry how much you can drink or not pee for hours! Despite using ovulation kits for many yearsI haven't conceived. I have unexplained infertilty. I'm seeing a general gynae next week to sort out some  bleeding issues. I wish I had a success story to tell you. I'm sure the ovulation kits can help many women conceive. 

Have you had all the tests done? If you have and if you're ovulating regularly, then I wouldn't get too hung up on the ovulation kits. I would trust the blood tests much more than an ovulation kit. They are not always reliable. 

If you start finding using ovulation kits stressful take a break from them. Our ex consultant recommended to us not to use them, and just have regular sex 2 to 3 times s week. Which case you've covered yourselves and done all you can.

Good luck with your journey hope you conceive soon. Big hugs. Remember along this journey will be good days and bad days. You're not alone 💗 x x c


I used one step ovulation tests from Amazon, I got 50 for under £10 I think. They had good reviews and because they were cheap I felt less pressured and able to use more than one a day to double check or experiment with different times! I followed the instructions perfectly to begin with then less strictly as the months went by and was reassured to still get the results I was expecting. It was helpful to be able to tell my drs what the tests were indicating about my cycle and to feel like my body was doing something right! Anyway after months of monitoring and some low level interventions from the dr's, just before I was due to have some more tests I got a bfp and am currently 5weeks pregnant. 

I hope you find a test that lets you down less, expensive and faulty testing  kits when there is so much else to contend with is the last thing any of us need. Xx


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