Transfer Day Today 😊

Went today and had my 5 day transfer 😊 Also had 2 frozen and seeing if another 3 progress and may freeze tomorrow, over the moon. Been a long day as had a 5.30am get up as had to have a blood test for OHSS first thing and transfer in pm, so back home n trying to rest up. Bumpy 3 hour car journey home concious that every bump could dislodge it which I know is silly! Going to have acupunture in morning then relax all day. Its my Dad's birthday today so im counting that as good luck ☘ got everything crossed, im just worried as I think all my family think now we are at this stage its a done deal and I want to stay positive but not get my hopes up at same time as we all know how hard it is, hope this two weeks goes as quick as the last two 

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  • All the very best of luck and sending lots of positive vibes!!! Make sure you get plenty rest over the next few days!!!! Xx

  • Good luck! Try not to let the 2ww get to you too much! Don't forget to get some rest but also do plenty of walking. And a slice of fresh pineapple every day! x

  • Good luck πŸ€πŸ€

  • Good luck to you. I'm currently on my 2ww as well. Second time round so I'm just trying to carry on as normal and not let my obsession take over. What will be, Will be. 

    Lots of positive vibes being sent your way. Xx

  • Thank you good luck to you ☘

  • Funny how we think every movement might make it slip or something ha I was nervous going to the loo! Good luck!! Plenty of rest! Xx

  • Good luck I am 3 days away from test day and been all over the place.  It's been a hard one as my last 4 with one being a very long long time ago was all negative so everything rising on this last go.

    Keep busy and occupied xx

  • Hi Tamtam, sending you lots of good luck ☘☘☘ wishing you a big fat positive on Thursday xxx

  • Fingers crossed Tam Tam

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