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Egg Collection Done Suspected OHSS

Hi guys, ec yesterday, went well 19 eggs, but now told i could have OHSS and have to have the progestrone in the bum and anti blood clot in stomach. Measuring my urine etc over the next few days. Has anyone else had this? 

Clinic rang this morning 14 have fertilised (over thr moon!) so hopefully transfer Fri or hopefully sunday if keep going good. But said if i have OHSS they wont, having blood tests Fri and Sunday am too to chevk OHSS. Im so worried we'll get good embryos this time but wont be able to put back in, if anyone has any experience let me know xxx

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Hey hon

Yeah I did, both cycles. My doctor told me to drink 2 litres of sports drinks daily, 6 egg whites during the day, 2 teaspoons of protein powder. I also had to weigh myself every morning at the same time if I put a kilo on I had to go on straight away.

The first time they implanted and I had 3 weeks of pain.

The second time they froze all and I recovered much quicker.

If it happens again I'll freeze straight away, get rid of the nasty hormones and implant when well again xx

You have lots of eggs which is great and the defrosting now is really quite reliable

Look after yourself, see how you feel. I forced myself on the first time to save time and regretted not waiting till I felt better :(

Big hugs xx


Great result Rosy and hope OHSS does not turn up. Lots of tips from Losinghopefast there.

Great result from collection and fertilisation.

Wishing you all the luck in the world


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Hi Rosy, unfortunately the same story here....but I knew I had OHSS before the egg collection and was told that the cycle would be abandoned following EC and that I should be prepared to get very poorly (and I was very poorly!). I had fluid on my abdomen and cavity and was led up for two weeks - medication just made me sick and so literally just had to ride it out, not pleasant. Although I have heard some women can have OHSS but not have any symptoms at all, I was told I was high risk at the start so perhaps an unusual case.  We started with 14 eggs, 10 initially fertilised but over the five day period we lost 8 and so were left with just 2 to freeze. That was six months ago and I can honestly say I'm only just starting to feel myself again now - my periods are painful and my flow seems much heavier since the treatment. We are giving notice to start the frozen cycle next month so hopefully will feel much more 'back to normal' by the time we start (which wont be until end of May). If you have developed OHSS and are given the option to freeze rather than transfer, do think about it very carefully because in my opinion had I have continued with the treatment it is highly unlikely that my body could have coped with a pregnancy in that state and I believe the symptoms of OHSS get worse during pregnancy. Whilst it was disappointing I'm so pleased the doctor stopped it when they did, now we have two chances in the freezer and my body will be fighting fit again. The doctors said our chances of success are not impacted by the frozen factor and in fact early research suggests that it might even improve the success rates. Hope this helps, good luck. xx


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