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Can anyone give me any info on Gonal F. I am currently on my 7th cycle of 9 og Clomid and just had the doasge increased to 150mg, i feel like if it was going to work it would have done by now but my Consultant seems to think it`s worth trying. I`m looking to the next step and maybe Gonal F as i`d really like to use my own eggs. Would this treatment be suitable for a 45yr old, no medical issues, how much is it , how many scans do i need? I`d be self funding so cost is a big factor.

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Hi webchick. I think this is really one for your consultant. The manufacturers of Clomid usually recommend no more than 6 cycles of treatment in one go, then on to IVF. All depends upon your hormone results as to which way they will steer you. Hope all goes well for you with whatever is decided. Diane


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