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Are these postive

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So I’m due to start ivf next week and I’ve been taking the pill for the last 21 days, I’m due on my period and had cramps but no period so decided to take these tests. What are people’s thoughts?

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Er I'd say pretty definitely positive 😂🎉🎉 No IVF needed! Congratulations x

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Tilly8135 in reply to AuroraXen

I just find this strange as I’ve been on the contraceptive pill I’m wondering if it is causing false positives eeeek x

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Tilly8135 in reply to Tilly8135

I was on it for 21 days x

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AuroraXen in reply to Tilly8135

I've never heard of the pill giving you false readings... and the fact you're late too suggests to me you've hit the jackpot! I really hope so 🤞 You must be super excited!!

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AuroraXen in reply to AuroraXen

No hCG in the pill (surely?) so I think you're safe Lovely xx

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Tilly8135 in reply to AuroraXen

I’m going to take a few more tests to be sure, I don’t want to get my hopes up and then it be negative 😘 xx

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Tilly8135 in reply to Tilly8135

I’ve taken another test tonight and it’s showing two pink lines x

I don’t believe being on the pill creates a false positive. Congratulations! 🥳

The pill definitely cannot give you a false positive, you are very much pregnant! Congratulations ♥️

Definitely positive and strong tests congratulations! Xx

Wow those are strong positives! Congratulations 🎉♥️ Xx

You’re pregnant!The pill won’t create false positives as it only contains progesterone with/without oestrogen depending on which pill, neither of which turn a pregnancy test positive. A test will only turn positive in the presence of hcg, which comes from the embryo

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Tilly8135 in reply to saraht23

Thank you, is there anything else that can make it positive? I’ve been on proceive and coq10?

Nope, it’s not easy to get a positive pregnancy test. As everyone has said it’s looking for HCG. Only if you’d been administered HCG would it read a false positive. Amazing! But there it is!

Congratulations 🎉 this happened to us two weeks before starting our second round of ivf ❤️ Currently 14W5days ❤️

Co gratulations!!! ❤️

I’m going to the hospital this morning for a blood test, hopefully they will be able to confirm it, I’m trying to not get my hopes us as we have been trying for nearly two years x

Oh I really do hope you get good news today after your bloods! A quiet congratulations to you for now!! I understand you want to be sure first. The tests you have done seem pretty strong, so got everything crossed for you! 🧡

Thank you, I hope so too 😘

Some doctors believe that the pill can sort your cycle out and it looks like that’s the case here!!!! Congratulations what fantastic news!!!

Are you serious?! they’re definitely positive! Lucky you. Congratulations. Xxx

🤣🤣🤣🤣 eh yeah .... congratulations 👏

Definitely positive and your a few weeks to I say congratulations please update us

Wow, looks positive to me :)

So I’ve had a blood test and it’s 31,000 I’m not sure what that means but they have said I am pregnant so I’m hoping it will last. I’m in utter shock, I’ve had 3 failed ivf attempts and was literally about to start a 4th next week. I never thought this would happen to me x

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JoyfulStar in reply to Tilly8135

A massive congratulations 🎉 Sounds like a miracle to me. Wishing you all the best with the rest of your pregnancy 🙏🏾

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Fatu1 in reply to Tilly8135

Hun am very happy for U it's always good to see some positive stories am tempted to ask U what did U do differently this time to happen naturally?? Enjoy this lovely moments

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Tilly8135 in reply to Fatu1

I had an amazing break in Scotland, walked loads and got some fresh air and then I also started taking proceive supplements and my husband proxceed x

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yellow987 in reply to Tilly8135

Congratulations!!! I am sure you are in shock but what fantastic news 🎉 All the best 😃

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Madlex in reply to Tilly8135

That's an amazing hcg number when will they scan you massive congratulations

That's amazing and congratulations! Those numbers are pretty high aswell so I'd say you are a few weeks in 😊! Wishing you lots of luck for your pregnancy 💕xX

Congratulations xx

Thank you, it’s a constant worry, I worry about not being pregnant and now I’m worried now I am if everything is okay. I was literally due to start ivf round 4 on Wednesday! Still in shock. X

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Madlex in reply to Tilly8135

Yeap it's all worry will never stop worrying but enjoy it to I say your a good few weeks already to x

Huge Congratulations!!! Worrying is all part of it and probably forever more. I had 5 miscarriages before having my baby girl now 9 weeks and the worry just evolves ,now it's... is she hungry, has she a pain,has she slept enough next it'll be who's she dating blah blah blah 🤣🤣🤣🤣

I would say your contraceptive pill has failed and that’s a definite yes, congrats

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