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Polyp possibly preventing pregnancy?

Hello ladies

After TTC for what seems like ages, 4 years, numerous tests and then re- tests as my results seem to get lost I have been told by NHS that I have a polyp on my uterus. I am lucky I have private healthcare through work to have this removed ASAP. Has anyone else had this op and then become pregnant afterwards? Amidst my desperation there is hope - I hope! X

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Hi Mrsjj. If the polyp is inside your womb, then this could interfere with a developing embryo should it decide to implant on it. Probably be best to have it removed then you can carry on trying to conceive knowing that the problem has been dealt with. Obviously, I do wish you well with it all, and I’m sure your consultant will give you good advice about it. Diane


Thank you Diane I agree with you. I'm hoping this has been my only problem with every other tests coming back well. Thanks for your well wishes. Zoe


Hi, I have had multiple polyps removed and two hysteroscopies. They always recommend you take them out as they think it can prevent you getting pregnant. It's a relatively simple one day operation. Pleased to tell you I'm now in the stages of early pregnancy so, so far it seems to have helped me. My advice is get it removed privately (I had to pay for both my ops) but it was totally worth it given I'm now pregnant. Good luck X

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Congratulations and thank you for sharing that great news. I may actually be excited now to have an operation

Thank you xx


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