Those three scary letters that have turned my emotions upside down 😞.

As previously posted I had my "IVF" appointment on Monday which I was very positive about until we found out we're not entitled to funding. This is due to my 13 year old son from a previous relationship living with us. (I will leave this debate for another day).

I did however get Clomid from the consultant which I know that there's very slim chances of conceiving with as I already ovulate.

My husband has been a saviour and has found away to find money for self funding. i am going to try the clomid and get put on the waiting list. 😞😞

"Life is so cruel"

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  • I'm in the same position. I'm nearly 42 with a 14 year old. Been trying for two years with my partner. Paid for our first IVF cycle almost Β£8K! And it failed! Devastated feeling so guilty I can't give him a child and just don't know how we can find another go. Just doesn't seem fair does it that you can get nose jobs etc paid for but not IVF X good luck to you this is a very hard journey

  • Β£8 k where do you live? In Ninewells (Dundee) it's just under Β£4K for first round then slightly cheaper after that. It's still with the NHS but self-funded. It's a joke considering I work for the NHS and have paid my national insurance since I left school.

    My husband can't believe that if my son did not live with us we would get funding. Thankfully my son will never find that out!!!!!

  • Im in Hertfordshire maybe I should look st how much hospitals charge then?

  • Yeah defiantly as you can get all your checks and medication before IVF there. I know it's a postcode lottery in Britain but I would go to your gp and ask for a referral. Good luck xx

  • Hi, Lucy! Do not get into panic, dear. There is crowd of us being or having been in the same IVF boat with you. And this is not the case where it's easily said than done, but just the fact you have to get used to if nothing else is left.. Ladies here are marvelous so you won't feel that alone, I'm sure.

    Here it's vital important to make the right choice from all the treatment options. They are likely to offer you less invasive procedures first. But if there's money matter, you better not play for luck. Get the whole situation studied with your doc and decide about the most appropriate procedure for you.

    I had blocked fallopian tubes. You know, this is not a very big deal as the blockage can be removed via surgery. And firstly we were suggested IUI and ICSI by different experts. The one in Biotexcom clinic told us we had a tiny chance of conceiving with OE as they over went ageing and became of a very poor quality. He suggested it to be donor egg used in IVF. We appreciated highly that people there didn't want to loom our money giving us false hope. Just offered which was needed to succeed.

    I'll be praying for you to find the right way out of it. Strong hugs, dear Xx

  • Thank you for replying ☺️,

    As all our tests are clear we have been diagnosed with unexplained fertility. They have went straight to IVF, we haven't been offered any other treatment.

    I am going to try the clomid next week as I'm sure my period will arrive just like every month 😞.

    This forum has been a blessing.

    Thank you all xx

  • The rules of IVF are very unfair, but it doesn't get enough coverage to cause any change. Our region gets one funded cycle, ours failed. We have used Access Fertility, they offer packages at reduced cost and refunds if it doesn't work - it's really been our only option to have futures tries x

  • Every area is different. It's a postcode lottery unfortunately. Where I live they fund you for three cycles and will fund if you have a child as well. But one of the partners needs to have never had a child before.

  • Really that's interesting where do you live or area? My consultant was really shocked when I said that couples are offered even with a child in the house.

  • I live in Dagenham in east London. Inbox me your email address and I'll forward you their policy.

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