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Hi all, I'm 20 years old and currently on my 4th out of six rounds of clomid after 2 years TTC with severe endometriosis, but my fertility specialist wrote to me last month saying she would like to proceed straight to IVF if the clomid doesn't work. I have at least one blocked tube (possibly both) so IUI probably isn't an alternative, never smoked or drank in my life and have a healthy BMI of 20, but read a few articles online about the age limit being 23-39 for NHS funding. Do the decision makers take into consideration reproductive health problems and the length of time you've been trying to conceive? Or have any of you had experience with getting funding at a young age?

Trying to give myself a little bit of hope that there is alternative fertility assitance in the near future if clomid isn't successful! I'm worried and anxious about going through 2-3 more years of constant pain from the endo and being childless, while I wait for my 23rd birthday to arrive, or until I've saved up enough to go private..

Thank you in advance. X

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  • I'm sorry you are going through this. Do go through the necessary steps toward IVF. I don't think they'd recommend you to IUI if you have a blocked tube. As for your age, you'll just have to see. Your doctors maybe able to appeal your case.

  • Hello Lilo915, the criteria for IVF varies from area to area. Some areas seem to require you to be 23 but not all. Most seem more concerned with the upper age limit. The website below should give you a table showing all the criteria for your area under the NHS Fertility Services tab.


    If your area does require you to wait until you are 23 and you are refused funding then you can appeal and there are style appeal letters on the infertility network UK website! The fact your consultant is recommending IV should work in your favour.

    Good luck! x

  • That's brilliant thank you hun, just checked it out and thankfully my area just says age range <40, compared to others that say 23-40! I feel a lot more reassured now, even slightly excited lol. X

  • Hi! Like the other girls said I am sure you can appeal if you are refused but I know exactly how you feel my husband and I had been trying for over three years and we had been told our only option was IVF (we were both 21)but while we waited to start we got our little mirical. it can happen! we are ttc our second now so I am trying to mentally prepare for another long journey.

  • Aww what an incredible miracle that is! So happy it worked out naturally for you and your husband, just goes to show we can never lose hope. And I pray it's a smooth journey to get your second little one x

  • it's all an experience that's for sure! I really hope your IVF journey goes smoothly. xxx

  • Hi there

    I am a little older than you - 35 yrs but was diagnosed with severe endo 3 years ago when I started to try for a family. I was the same as you with only one blocked tube. After diagnosis I was told that my only hope (and that still may not be possible!) was IVF. They wouldn't give me clomid or anything else. I had to wait about 2 years for all the operations I needed and paperwork to be completed. So I totally understand the pain of waiting for years! I was also devastated that I needed ivf and was bitter and angry for a long time! Anyway, fast forward to may this year and we got through our first full cycle of IVF! BFP and I'm now 16 weeks!!! Think what I'm trying to say is that yes the waiting is very painful and stressful but I believe with endo that IVF is the right way forward and the chance of success for you at your age will be amazing. Try not to give up living while you wait and definitely never give up hope xxxx

  • Thank you for giving me hope and sharing your story, and congrats on your pregnancy! It's all worth it in the end xxx

  • Hi, I am 22, i had to appeal to have IVF because of the age limit and my consultant recommend me to go through the process sooner rather than later. I had both tubes removed. My appeal was accepted and i am now due to start first round of IVF next week. My doctor had to write a letter to our CCG to get me funded. I think if you have known fertility problems and valid reasons for starting young they take this into consideration. Good luck, hope it works out for you x

  • That's wonderful to hear you can finally begin your IVF journey! I pray it's successful for you. Thank you for replying x

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