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Bleeding 6 weeks into IVF pregnancy

Well until 7pm it was good until I started bleeding, red spots then an hour later I filled a towel too much information sorry. No pain though and stopped at 9pm. Absolutely freaked out and scared! Called my nurse who said there's nothing they can do until my scan it could be further implantation bleeding, or I've lost one egg or...... I can't even bare it say it 😢 so scared girls why is this happening to me! Taking today off as now my stomachs quite sore but no blood?? Has anybody else experienced this and been ok???

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I had small bleeds at 4.5 weeks and again at 18 weeks, no cramping. Everything was fine, it was just one of those things. I'm 21+3 weeks now with twins. Apparently some women just bleed in pregnancy and it's more common than you'd think, whether IVF or not. If you're already 6 weeks they should be able to scan you. How long do you have to wait for the scan? It may be a good sign that the bleeding was brief and no cramping. I hope all will be well at your scan but try not to give up hope and keep taking the pessaries (which can also irritate things and cause a bleed.)

When I had the bleed at 18 weeks I went to my GP, who signed me off for a week to rest. So you're doing the right thing skipping work today. Just take it easy.


Hey bumble

Not personally but a friend who did a FET when I had the ec had a bad bleed with clots etc, she was convinced it was over. She would have been about 5 weeks. She's now 23 weeks with twins weighing 1\2 kilo each so far.

She was put on complete bed rest till it stabilised.

Praying you will get good news.

Rest and be kind to yourself.

Big hugs


hey babe dont worry - its really common! i bled from 6 weeks up until about 14 weeks xx as long as your not soaking pads! be positive x


ps its prob just a small pool of blood in your cervix as its sensitive at the minute x im 28 weeks pregnant now x


Thank you everybody for your comments. No blood today so I feel much better and my nurse has said not to worry! Next Thursday cannot come any sooner now for my scan. Positive thinking for the next 10 days 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


Hi Bumble-1. Just wanted to wish you well with tomorrow's scan. Once you see you little one, you will be fine. Just rest when you can for now. Diane


Had our scan and everything is fine! Even saw the heartbeat! Never been so happy thank you for all your kind comments and thoughts x


Hi Bumble-1. That's great to hear. Just wait until you see your 12/40wks scan! Diane


Hi ya! I hope you are feeling ok now!

Why dont you pop in to local EPU?

They might offer you scan the same day.

Good luck with everything darling!


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