2ww bad night!!!

Any suggestions anyone I am on my 7th day after a 2 day transfer?? felt fine all yesterday, went to bed feeling ok and woke in the early hours in with mega stomach pains, really strong painful cramps not sure if it's af or side effects etc. I took some painkillers and managed to get back to sleep. But woke up this morning really shaky and light headed. Anyone had this?? Xxx

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  • Oh poor you pain that wakes you up from sleep would have been disturbing, perhaps some one from exp. could shed some light on this! Wish all the best for you 😘

  • sorry to hear that button! I would try and spend rest of the day with your feet up if i were you sweetie!! Fingers crossed the pain was like last time and it will settle for you very soon take care of yourself sweetie xxxx

  • Hey,

    Diane might have an idea on the ask a nurse section, might be worth a shot?

  • Good idea thanks x

  • I have just rang the clinic they said they don't think its treatment related and to see my GP if I am concerned, but will never get in the docs now so will just see how I go and drink plenty of water. Thanks Everyone x

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