First ICIS failed, what should I do next?

Hi ladies

I'm a newbie here. But I just had my first Ivf cycle with Kings and it failed. I'm so devastated and I'm looking for some postivity to keep myself going.

I'm 34 and we've been trying for over 4 years. Everything was normal on my side and my hubby has normal sperm. Never had a natural pregnancy and I thought Ivf would work for us.

The doctor out me on long protocol with gonal-f 150iu. Turned out I'm a lower responder with only one egg collected and this little precious egg didn't fertilise after ICIS. I'm so sad and diaspointed as I was hoping it would work.

I'm so lost now and would really appreciate some advice on what we can do next.

And anyone with similar experience could give some suggestions?

Thanks a mill xxxx

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  • are you nhs funded or private? is there no chance of you having a fresh cycle? i am currently on my one and only cycle as i am nhs funded so understand the worry sweetie, i sincerely hope it happens for you very soon xxx

  • Thanks Liz 1985. I have only one nhs funded cycle. But could probly afford one private cycle myself. I'm not sure if my eggs were really bad quality that it might not happen again.

  • Same happened to me I was on full wack drugs ICSI but only one egg produced but didn't fertilise. We get 2 fresh cycles on nhs so we are waiting for our second go. We have been told my eggs are not good so we are going down the donor egg route. Worst thing is the wait 5-9 months! But being told with my eggs is a 5% chance it working compared to a 60% with donor eggs we felt it was a no brainier really. just a waiting game. If this second go doesn't work we think we will go abroad for donor cycle as much cheaper than over here! Xx

  • Hi mill, my heart goes out to you its such a lot to go through with so many expectations for it to end like that must be devastating!

    I've had 1 failed round of ICSI and currently in the 2ww of our second round trying to stay positive, I'm a bit like Jekyl and Hyde right now- positive its worked one minute and thinking its failed a second later 😛

    Take some time to get over this as much as possible and ask as many questions as you can when you have your next appointment with the clinic. I know there are different drugs that can be used which you might have a better reaction to or different protocol?

    Diane(the nurse on here) has a list of questions that I'm sure she will send to you if you ask her 😃

    Do you get another cycle on the nhs?

    Good luck and don't give up hope 💖xx

  • I am also currently on the dreaded 2 week wait, on my first cycle, i could not possible afford another round privately, but if this does fail i have considered donating my eggs as you then get your cycle at a reduced cost, however on my last egg collection they only got 2 eggs and 1 fertilised, so i think maybe being a donor is not an option or maybe i would just need higher dose of drugs but regardless of whether this works or not i would love to be able to donate my eggs and give someone chance of being a mum! what an amazing thing to do xxx

  • Hi! I had a failed icsi last September and we were both Devestated. We decided to have a month to let our emotions calm down then went back to our consultant for a review of what went wrong. Had lots of discussions and saw a councillor when we decided to have another go privately funded with the tweeks made to our last cycle. We had another few months to chill and I have to say I was so much calmer and positive 2nd time round. It is quite common for 1st rounds not to work so please do talk to your consultant as a change in protocol could make all the difference. Xx

  • Hi- sorry your round failed- it's so hard. Ladies on here are right though- it's so unusual for it to work first time. For a start, the protocol you've been on is fairly standard for a first cycle and if you're a low responder the docs might need to get a bit cleverer. You can do it though!

    I've done 5 cycles- first 3 were conventional ICSI and I was a very poor responder so we hurled as many drugs as possible at it, which made no difference. We got 2 embryos the first time (I did get pregnant with the second on a frozen but miscarried), one the second and one the third. None implanted apart from one frozen. Then we decided to have a change of tack and rather than work against my body, try to work with it! So cycles 4 and 5 have been mild ones at the Bridge. Low doses of stims, lots of monitoring and adjustments and time and I took DHEA. Cycle 5 we got 2 embryos, both transfered. I'm currently nearly 8 weeks pregnant with one so keeping everything crossed.

    Long post but what I'm saying is I have been where you are and I know it's disheartening and I wish we'd questioned more earlier. But you've got much to be hopeful for. Don't give up! X

  • I have friends who used donor eggs after failed ivf with their own due to egg quality or low response and they are over the moon to now have families. As one of the other posters says the chances of ivf success with good quality donor eggs are pretty good in terms of odds. Xx

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