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Bleeding; not yet started IVF.


I just keep bleeding... I started spotting on 25 Jan... By 1st Feb I thought that period had arrived... 3 days later, gone... 4 days later definitely a period... Then it eased off becoming more watery. Then yesterday back. Much heavier with cramps.

How on earth am I meant to know when Day 1 is. When we went to fill our forms in the doctor said they could control my body so not to worry about my cycle. At this rate I fear I'll never stop! :-( Ive been like this twice before. Once bleeding nearly every day for 5 months before coil fitted and then last May-July when I was experiencing same and went on pill.

My biggest fear is that my body is just getting worse and worse the more it bleeds. With low AMH, high FSH... I wonder if anyone has been in same situation? I guess this a question for our next appointment when we discuss start dates. But I'm just looking for a bit of help before. xx

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Omg poor you hate AF at the best of time ☹

Defo something to discuss with doctor to make sure it's nothing that needs monitoring.

Try not to worry the drugs do control your body but at the same time your body needs to work with you.

Good luck

Bless you emu2016, I hope things settle down for you. Sending big hugs 😉 xx

emu2016 in reply to Lozza97

Thanks Lozza. Just worried this whole journey may have been a waste. My Dr said there was a 99% chance IVF wouldn't work. I'm fearful that I've probably got my hopes up a bit too much for that 1%. But I just had to know. xx

Try not to give up hope, easier said than done I know. Have a chat to your Doctor again and see if they have any suggestions and try to get as much rest as you can😉Keep your chin up and positive thoughts only! xxx

I know.

I've a book of questions at the ready. And a homemade calendar of my cycle. In graphic detail! Feels weird that my next appointment is to discuss when my long/short protocol will start and I'm so panicked. x

When is your appointment? It's good to ask questions hun and they expect it, I went in with an A4 page of questions to our consultant! xxxx

Just waiting for it to come through. I thought I'd asked all my questions last time. Our last appointment was sign forms; discuss protocols; explain where procedures are done. Then OH was going for (what I call) big test 5 days after.

Nurse predicted we would start in March/April. So waiting for letter.

I expressed at the time my periods are over the place and I had no idea how I would find day 1 never mind 21. She said they can take complete control of my body, but I didn't expect to be bleeding this long (though it's settled a little) and I'm now worried they'll say they can't help us and that all this bleeding is just my ovaries symbolically flushing themselves out even more! (Well that was dramatic!)

Sorry for rambling x

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