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Waiting to start second treatment anyone used zeta west cd

So we were told in Dec we would be getting a treatment waiting time around 7 months using this time to lose weight and get healthy want to be in the best shape poss when they call us!! Has anyone used the zeta west cd while going through treatment? Was thinking about getting it to try and see if it helps me to relax x

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I've used it for my rounds at bedtime mainly and during acupuncture.

I bought it off a second hand website, as most people download it and then don't use it..worth a look if it works out lots cheaper x


I downloaded it, didn't know about her downloads til right after my egg collection. Have to say it did relax me especially the first few times. I was having acupuncture too but my acupuncturist is western medical trained (and ex midwife of 30yrs lol), but zita is Chinese medicine trained, so a few of the acupuncture points differ and I'll be honest, it worried me when I found out the differences but was just over thinking it, so decided to just ignore those points and continue with the rest. Anything that relaxes you has to be a bonus xx


I downloaded it and used it from collection and during 2ww. Certainly helped me relax and found it a good way to stay positive. X


I use it and it defo helps me relax and regain a balance when I am having a wobble x


Thanks girls hopefully be able to get it without having to pay a small fortune for it Im going to try ebay now see if I can order it xx

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