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Can OHSS come back?!

Hi ladies, I had a cancelled ICSI cycle back in October due to a severe case of OHSS. I have two embryos in the freezer but decided I should let my body recover fully before beginning the frozen cycle. The OHSS was gone within a couple of weeks and whilst my periods have been really heavy things seemed to be getting back to normal. However, today I woke up with a strange marking on my thigh and tummy (almost like bruising under the skin) and as the day goes on I have quite sore ovary pain in my right side very similar to how it felt on the day of egg collection. My tummy is starting to swell again and I've also started to feel a bit nautious. I am at about the point in my natural cycle where my eggs would be released, can anyone tell me is it possible for OHSS to come back when your ovulating naturally? Or even if I have fallen pregnant naturally? I know it can become serve if you become pregnant as a result of the IVF cycle but I'm wandering if I might be pregnant and as such OHSS has reappeared (I haven't don't a test as it would be far too early). The symptoms I am experiencing feel very familiar and I'm concerned the OHSS is back :-( Any help is appreciated!?? xxx

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I'm afraid I can't help with OHSS as luckily I didn't have that, but a few years ago I had ovulation syndrome. It happened when I was releasing an egg and it was incredibly painful - all I could do was lay with a hot water bottle for the day and take pain killers. The pain lasted about 3 days but on days 2 and 3 was considerably less than the first day. My symptoms sound similar to yours (though without the bruising). The doc couldn't tell me what causes it and there wasn't any treatment other than hot water bottle/painkillers. I know IVF can mess with your cycle so it's possible that your pains are IVF related. Suggest you give your clinic a quick ring and ask them - sure they'll be happy to help.


Hi Lauren87. OHSS will only come back while you are having treatment. However, I would pop and see your GP regarding the bruising that has appeared, as any unexplained bruising should be looked at. Hope you are soon OK and maybe next time you can have a more natural cycle of treatment. Diane


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