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Well went for my first follicle scan today, I have low amh and on the highest drugs so wasn't expected to much. They can only see two moving follicles and they are not of a good size or where they need to be on the chart, another scan on Sunday. Anybody else had anything similar or can offer advice, I obviously feel really upset and down. Thanks xxxxxxxxx

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  • Oh dear i wish you and all other moms and moms to be lots of good luck and baby dust! This scan that you mention done on which day of cycle plz?

    I have myself the same issue as you low amh and really tough to get some fellows growing in there! On my 8th day of cycle went in for scan , sadly not much activity just one follicle growing size 10mm! We have to do more inj and Be patient and go in for another scan in 4 days on tuesday! The positive thought in my head comes if this one grows to a good size and we try natural , we might get lucky!

    Please share how many of you ladys tried natural and got lucky?Lots of love and prayers to all moms in queue!

  • Hang in there they are funny bug*ers these follies and can grow all of a sudden!

  • Hi thanks ladies, hopeful2016 its day 6 of short protocol I am back in on day 8 for another scan.

    I feel slightly better now had a good cry and getting trying to get back in my positive zone. How many eggs did you end up with?? Xxx

  • Im not a good story I had only 2 follies throughout scans although slow growers they got to good size. Came to egg collection they only found 1 egg. It didn't fertilize in our case so had nothing put back in, but i have heard lots of story's where only 1 egg has worked. It only takes 1 as everyone kept saying to me! you can only do what your body will do try to keep positive I know its hard but keep going xx

  • Button-123 i got just one follicle on scan 10mm!doc said we will follow it and see the growth plus all the added blood work!oh dear dont even talk about cry last two days have been "i dont know why exactly but i want to cry" feeling! Part med, part what if...yes/no, part why is some thing that comes naturally to others so tough for us:/

    My sleep seems to come in most unexpected times but not well at nightπŸ˜‚

    @Blondyboo, Yes have heard this more than once "takes just one to do it" 😊 And it gives you more hope! Wish it soon works for you😘 But i came out doubtful today even with one to collect do docs go forward with collection, considering cases of "poor response" like myself? Not much pains but yes do feel vibs on both sides from time to time...hope all is goin on well inside!

  • Well I had 2 follies at egg collection and they were happy to go ahead with them. It might differ from clinic to clinic also if you are funded or not. We have 2 goes NHS funded. This next go we have decided to go donor as my eggs only have a 5% chance of working with IVF and with donor eggs a 60%! so it was a no brainer for us really. If you are like us and want a family and dont mind how you get one - theres always other options xx But fingers crossed this round works for you I wish you all the best xx

  • Keep faith Button-123. It is not over yet. Take good care of yourself and lets hope these follicles grow with time. xx

  • @blondyboo sad u guys did not succeed at it but encouraging to know even 2 follies is a number they wod attempt to do the whole process! My doc was not too excited but said patience is what we need!πŸ˜…

    Moreover trying is what is in our hands,ideal results are not in our grasp no matter how welcome and wanted they may be!

    Lots of baby dust and hopeing for the best☺️

  • You ladies are amazing so strong and supportive BIG THANKS. I am trying to stay positive and hopeful just wish today had been a better outcome but we are still on the journey so must be thankful for that. Hopeful2016 you sound just like me πŸ˜‚ Big bag of emotions, wonder, meds etc

    Blondyboo sorry it didn't work for you, and I would defo look at using donor eggs if this doesn't go as planned. Where do you find all the info out about using donor eggs etc?? Thanks x

  • your clinic will be able to advise you but there are websites like this one. We are goign to have this next funded go here in the UK then if it doesnt work and we have to pay we will be looking at having it done abroad like many on here have done. Its so much cheaper and the treatment you get seems to be excellent. Its another ball game from then on but still in the back of my head as the next step if this next go doesnt work. xx

    for the record I havent been strong! ive been very up and down since our first fail. Its very strange how it hits you.. the grief and sadness of not having a child. But somehow I wake up and just dont feel as bad as I did yesterday. that can last a while then im back to square 1! x

  • Try to stay positive! Difficult I know. They only saw 3 at my first scan, all on my left ovary, damn my lazy right ovary!! I was quite upset but the nurses kept saying that they have seen it both ways - women with loads of follicles and it doesn't work for whatever reason and women with very few who end up being successful. Low AMH just means lower number of eggs, it doesn't tell you what quality they are so if those 2 follicles are good quality, you may have a successful outcome. By the time my ec came round, I had 4 follicles collected, only the 3 were mature though and I ended up with 2 blastocyst which are now 18 weeks today!

    It does feel disappointing when you don't have any to freeze or your body doesn't react to the hormones as you think it should but hopefully you will still have a happy outcome. I can't say that I have any secret to it working for me - power of positive thought maybe, a little bit of counselling and staying hydrated and eating well. Lots of Netflix as well! I'm struggling to find any more box sets that I want to watch now!! Try to keep your stress levels in check if you can and look after yourself, do things with your partner too and let him know when you're injecting so he feels part of the process.

  • Massive thanks and what you have all said makes so much sense. Just had a nice shower and now going to do my zita west meditation before tea back on positive thoughts now. Fingers crossed πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ

  • I find chocolate helps as well, nice with a cup of tea!

  • Keep the faith Button123. Have your clinic said anything about changing your injection doses? Thinking positive thoughts for you! Best of luck and try to take your mind off if you can (easier said than done in know!) xx

  • Hi thanks Kat9lives think it was a mix of shock, hormones and disappointment feeling better now. Can't change the dose as I am already on the highest due to low amh. Just praying the two we have got get a wiggle on and get to where we need them xx

  • Don't think I can add anymore to what everyone has already said, but thinking of you and hoping either your 2 follicles have fantastic eggs or a few more pop up in the meantime. Best wishes xxx

  • Thanks xxx

  • I'm in the exact same situation. Had scan Friday and I've got 1 follicle so far at the rest are too tiny, I also have a low amh level and I'm on high dose or menopur too. Just hope over the weekend they grow some more as I have my next scan Monday. Good luck xxx

  • I have my next scan tomorrow, kind of dreading it just hoping a lot is happening in there.

    I will let you know how it goes xxx

  • You might have a long cycle -typical cycle is 28 days , you might have say,35-40 day cycle that's all, just means you have lazy follicles!! They are there -don't give up! I'm an acupuncturist and I helped a lady with "lazy"follicles conceive xx

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