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Some Hope


We had our appointment today and I was expecting bad news. Was told our NHS waiting list has reduced massively since last seen and its now down to 6 months instead of 2.5years for egg donation!!!!!!!

I got a scan and my lining in good condition too. So we expect to get a call in the next 3-4 months with a match and get things moving.

All I need to do now is lose weight at least a stone but hoping for 2.

Any tips? I have a bad left knee so exercise is real difficult.

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Aw amazing you must be so pleased. Try swimming or slimming world is good xxx

jamjar5060 in reply to Hidden

Thanks. I am pleased but still not trying to get too carried away. Will give the swimming a try along with the diet


I also found slimming world good for immediate weight loss (2 stone in 4 month). But as soon as you stop it the weight does come back. The other one I have tried is high protein, low carb - it's taken longer for the weight to come off but is supposed to be better for you in the long run (and if you have PCOS). In terms of exercise I have used body weight exercises rather than cardio - I have a dodgy knee and I have to be careful with things like lunges, but there are a lot that can be done that are gentle on the knee. Good luck!

I did the Cambridge diet a few years ago & lots quite a lot of weight quickly. It's a really strict regime so needs dedication. It does work quickly though. Good luck!

This may end up being an option for us. So it's good to see your story.

I lost 4 stone in 6 months on slimming world. Without exercise really. :) good luck. Xx

Hi, Jamjar! What nice news you have !!

I'm extremely happy for you. 6 months instead of 2.5 years is just great!

As for your weight it's a big deal. You should do everything to help your body to prepare for the procedure. But the exercising must be light, no running of course due to your bad left knee. I believe this must be some kind of an aerobic set. But even prior to it - healthy eating. Consult your doc on the point what diet will be the most appropriate for you. He/she'll study your health condition properly and decide about the useful products for you)

Wish you all the best in the world x

So pleased for you the waiting list has decreased and your scan is looking good!

With regards to weightloss, I've always struggled and cutting carbs out is the only thing that works for me, and actually when I do have them on rare occasion I feel like crap so have come to the conclusion my bey doesn't really like them. Flour based products are the worst culprits for me, sadly lol.

If I'm trying to loose weight (and I'm impatient), I have only meat and veg. The very occasional bit of chocolate or I'd kill someone 😂, and lots and lots of water. Measure your water! Everyone underestimates how much they drink, and it makes a huge difference. You'll probably need at least 2-3 litres every day on top of tea etc. I'm tall and find I need more like 4 (and if I don't, I get constipated and gassy really easily 😯).

Best of luck to you, remember, being strict can be tough but it's for the very best reason and it's not forever Xxxxxx

Thanks everyone. Now I have the goal I will find it easier to be strict with my eating. Stocked up on loads of fruit etc so will see how it goes.


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