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BFP....trying to stay positive that the past won't repeat


So since the Saturday I've taken 4 clear blue digital pregnancy tests and they are all POSITIVE. My scan has been booked for the 2nd March. I can't help but worry that the past will repeat and I am scared of going to scan as last time I saw the heartbeat but ended in a medical miscarriage because the heart was weak and stopped a week later, I was devastated. I get excited about this little one but at the same time I try to keep myself level headed. I'll rub my stomach and say "I hope your still there little one" I can't help taking tests to check that it still comes up POSITIVE, I want to enjoy the fact I am pregnant but can't help overthinking things X

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Hi Suzanne,

I totally understand how you feel. Its so hard to keep positive and not worry. But because you miscarried the first time, it really doesn't mean that it will happen again. I think i only relaxed a little at the 12 week scan.

I miscarried at 7 and a half weeks the first time, then this time I am happy to say I am nearly 23 weeks :-)

Congratulations on your pregnancy my dear!


SuzanneAM in reply to jhza700

Congratulations, I really hope that I will make it all the way this time xx

Congratulations on ur bfp and goodluck for you scan, try to relax and enjoy, as worry certainly wont improve things😉 x

I can understand why you're worried and it's only normal that you're scared that the same thing will happen again. Did you ever get a reason why you miscarried last time? If the hospital are saying that it was just bad luck and there's nothing to suggest the same thing will happen again then all you can do is try and keep positive and look after yourself. Hopefully the next few weeks don't drag too much and you'll get to see that heartbeat on the scan. Good luck!

SuzanneAM in reply to Lynnr54

Thank you, I had tests carried out but everything came back ok. So it was just natural bad luck.

Hi Suzanne, great that you got your bfp! It's such a shame that miscarriage can spoil the enjoyment of pregnancy. I felt the same way, living from scan to scan until I got to the 12 week scan and then I just decided I'm going to enjoy the rest of this. So many women become pregnant and have none of these worries, it seems unfair at times.

You're doing the right thing, connecting with your little one at this stage. We gave our embryos nicknames and they have stuck since, (both the nicknames and the 2 babies), anything you can do to make that connection can only be a good thing. My GP did advise me to hold off on the multiple testing though, as it can make you a little obsessive after a while but if it reassures you, then go for it!

Hope the rest of pregnancy goes well! x

SuzanneAM in reply to Tlove

Thank you, you too xx

When I miscarried very early at 5 weeks what made me more emotional was the fact that the one week I had been pregnant had been the best week of my life. Just enjoy the moment xxx

Hi, Suzanne! This is so great you see these stripes! I'm sure the thing from your past won't repeat again. As this time docs know pretty more about condition. I believe they did everything to better your situation. This time is likely to better than the previous one.

My heart goes for you facing this tortured waiting. I know it's difficult to play the game but we have to cope with it. We must do it to achieve even the smallest chance. Better do everything and struggle with waiting than do nothing and struggle with "what if I.."

Lovely S, I wanna so much you never get any kind of disappointment at all. I wish all desiring people to gain success and fulfill their lives with lots of baby dust.

We're also in the process, beginning ap 2 weeks ago from our initial call. This state, thinking and believing makes us both straitened. No stress but some anxiety. There is nothing more to be done over this left. We try to look positively onto the things, but sometimes I do burst into tears as I feel terribly self pitiness..

Hard times will be behind us one day. We must believe and hope!

All the best in the world for you, dear S xx

Hi Suzanne

I was so stressed before my first scan, the wait is awful, and I hadn't experienced a miscarriage so it's really not surprising you're finding the wait tough!

The vast majority of women who experience miscarriage do go on to have healthy babies so try to hold that positive thought when your mind starts wandering. Not to mention the fact that your little baby has every reason to hold on in there!

Good luck for the scan! I know 2 March must feel like an eternity away! x

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