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3 weeks left

Hi all I hope this help people that think will this ever happen well after 5 years of trying and no baby we started ivf in end of February 2015 I had my one fresh on 19/04/15 and by the 29/04/15 the hope of are long hope of a bfp had gone and we was in bits and you think it's never going to happen for me but you can not just stop as it's like a bug so on the 18/06/2015 we went back for are fet and all was good just like the 1st time a very good blascyst and a week later I had bleeding and it's was like no it's all over for the 2nd time well it was only 1day so I still had hope so we I just tried to keep hope and we had a weekend away before the mon the 29/06/2015 was my test day well we was both like each time I needed to go to the bathroom like will it all be ok well we got home and my husband was outside and I just could not wait and I wanted to get it over with as I was sure it would be over but after about a min I got 1 to 2 weeks pregnant I was like I must do other one so I did same so I call my husband to come he was like has it started and started to say it will happen for us as he is like that and I showed him the test and he was like my god it's worked and we could not take it in we just kept looking at this test and we said best wait till tomorrow am as it's not test day yet so we did one at 7.30 the next morning and same 1/2 weeks so at 9.30 I called the hospital and and told them and got my 1st scan date and it was almost 3 weeks off but we was like ok we have a long way to go and about a week later on the sun I went to the toilet and I had a lot of red blood I went down and told my husband try calling the hospital and no one could help so I call nhs helpline and a doctor call me back and said is not a thing we can do just have to wait and see he said have bed rest today well I did and it got less and less but we both was like it's over but on mon I call the ivf hospital and got told to go for a blood test so we went and that was done told we would get a call the next day but was told it needed to be over 25 well what a long 24h the phone call come and it was over 5000 so it looked good but had to go back on the weds for other one so we did and 24h later but no phone call I was like this is going to be bad news well I try calling but the person I needed to talk to was busy so at 3.30 in the afternoon she call me to say it was 15000 so it all looked good but I could have a scan at 6 weeks and we did and he was fine but still a long way to go and I was told we will do other scan at 8 weeks so two more weeks went by had my scan and he was just fine still but still a long way to go but as of today I am 37weeks with only 3weeks left lots of worry later and scans are baby boy will be born and I did not think it would ever work so to all you people that are still trying or just starting just keep going as it will happen and u will get that baby you have wanted for a long time lets hope lots of BFP for 2016 xxx

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what a beautiful post, I can imagine all the worry you have had over the last 37 weeks, my daughter is 27 weeks pregnant and every day is a worry, I do hope the last couple of weeks go quickly for you and you cuddle you baby boy very soon. xx


Hi Home-64. Just wanted to wish you a safe delivery. Diane


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